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Sunday, October 14, 2007

RAZR - How to Override the Volume Settings on your Motorola Phone

As I continue to get to know my 'new' Motorola RAZR phone, I keep finding changes that I need to make to it in order for it to work for me when I am not carrying my Blackberry. Take for instance the default volume setting on the RAZR.

While I was at the USC game last weekend at the Los Angeles Coliseum, I missed two calls to meet up with friends while at the Beer Garden because I could not hear the phone. This was even with phone on the table, and the volume turned all the way up.

Let's just say the default volume setting for ringing on your Motorazr cellular phone, even when at level '7' is just too quiet. With that being said, I set out on a search to find out if you can increase (or decrease) the setting with a minor hack to the phone. And, of course there is.

I am happy to say that with the procedure below, I was able to get the volume changed to a reasonable level -- and now I have missed less phone calls because of it. Follow the simple instuctions below and you too can customize your Motorola RAZR or similar P2K phone by hacking the volume controls.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. For the purposes of this tutorial I will be using the graphical interface will be provided by P2KTools 0.8.6 Build 406 (Installation Guide here) although P2KTools3 also know as PKTools VS is also compatible. Start up your P2KTools and insure that it is connected with a green icon in the lower right hand corner.

2. Choose Tools --> Change Volume to open up the hacking the volume window.
Change default volume on your Motorola RAZR handset shot 1

3. Click on the 'get' icon on the new window to obtain the current settings on your Motorola RAZR phone.
Change default volume on your Motorola RAZR handset shot 2

4. The default volume from ringtone/video will be set to one automatically. The scale goes all the way up to 7. However, above 4 is not recommended as it will sound distorted on your phone and could perhaps damage it eventually. Change the slide to setting '4'.
Change default volume on your Motorola RAZR handset shot 3

5. Click on the 'Set' to save the changes in volume to your phone. The P2KTools program will take a few seconds to save the settings.
Change default volume on your Motorola RAZR handset shot 4

6. Click on the 'Restart' button on the main menu of P2KTools to restart your phone and for the setting to load. The next time you receive a call, you will notice that the speaker for the ringtones are significantly louder than before.

Congratulations, you will definitely be able to hear your phone now! Feel free to adjust the other volume settings to see if they give you the desired change in volume. Just be cautious of overloading your speakers! Let me know if this worked for you with a comment below!


Jen said...

What would I do without you. You have helped me so much understand my phone and every tutorial works. Thank you soooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This phone has driven me crazy because I could barely hear it ring or the persons voice that I was talking to. You made it very easy to correct the are AWESOME! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Could be useful information, but you need to update. I took me 3 different "p2k" programs before I got one to work. It's a newer version than your tutorial and things have changed.

Nathan Greene said...

Any other programs that can do this?
None of the P2k Tools version work for me. They all freeze and crash and crash my phone. P2K Commander works tho.