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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Motorola RAZR - Free Game Installation Guide from your PC

I have my "own" Motorola V3 RAZR phone since Ashley has her iPhone. And lately, rather than always carrying the hefty Blackberry 8800 around all the time I have started switching out the SIM cards between the two devices in order to keep my same phone number on Cingular / AT&T and lighten the load.

Given the heavier use of the phone, of course I have done some modifications to it. The most recent of course is adding games to the device. Since the Motorola RAZR and other Motorola phones are Java compatible, there are many games out there that are available -- some that are free, some that are not.

The installation of the games from your computer is a pretty straight forward process assuming you have the right tools. This tutorial will walk you through the process so that you can easily install games on your Motorola phone!

The example game being used for this demonstration is "Yet Another Tetris" by Alwin Ngai. The version installed is the latest 2.52.52 and it is only 13k in size. This game has excellent play and usability on the Motorola V3 RAZR and is much of the reason for my choosing it.

Here is the how to guide:

1. Obtain a copy of the Yet Another Tetris game. I obtained my from this page. Alternatively, the direct link the .jar file you want is here. Save this on your hard drive in a location you know of.

2. Use a P2K program like P2KTools. My installation guide for P2KTools is here.

3. Start up P2KTools and click on the 'Switch to...' icon and choose Switch to P2K Mode.

4. Click on the KJava icon on the left hand menu. Make sure you are in the connected mode with the green icon in the lower left hand corner. The screen will be blank.

Install games on your motorola razr guide step 1

5. Click on the 'Read' button to return the current installed KJava / Java programs on your Motorazr phone. Next click on the 'Install' Icon on the bottom menu.

Install games on your motorola razr guide step 2

6. Browse to the location of the Yet Another Tetris JAR file you downloaded to install the game on your Motorola RAZR phone. Click on 'Open' and the phone will begin the installation of the game.

Install games on your motorola razr guide step 3

7. After the installation completes, click on the save icon in the lower right hand corner. The game shows as installed on your phone in P2KTools.

Install games on your motorola razr guide step 4

8. Finally, click on the 'Restart' button on the top menu bar to restart your Motorazr phone. Once it is complete, you game is ready for use by browsing to Menu --> Games --> Yet Another Tetris. Java will fire up and the game will work!

Congratulations, you have installed your first Motorola RAZR game. Now you can install others by searching on the internet for Free Motorola RAZR games! Did this guide work for you? Let me know with a comment.

Also, this game is known compatible with the following Motorola models:
Motorola: A1200, A760, A768, A780, A835, C168, C257, C261, C290, C350, C350M, C380, C385, C390, C450, C550, C650, C975, E1000, E1070, E380, E398, E398B, E398i, E550, E680, E680i, E770, E770-Vodafone, E790, E815, i830, i930, K1, KZRK K1, L2, L6, L6i, L7-Vodafone, Motorola Q, Motorola Q Plus, MPX220, PEBL U6, Razr V3, RAZR V3m, Razr V3x, RAZR V3xx, RAZR V3xxv, RAZR V6, RAZR2 V9m, ROKR E1, ROKR E2, ROKR E6, SLVR L7, SLVR L7e, SLVR L7i, SLVR L9, T720, V1050, V1075, V171, V177, V180, V186, V188, V190, V195, V197, V220, V235, V300, V360, V360-Vodafone, V365, V3i, V3m, V3r, V3t, V3v, V3x-Vodafone, V400, V500, V505, V525, V525M, V535, V547, V550, V551, V555, V557, V600, V600i, V620, V635, V80, V975, V980, V980M, W220, W375, Z3


Alwin (yes, I'm really the author) said...

Thanks for your kind comments on the game that I wrote few years ago and much appreciate the support from everyone who has played my game.

Anonymous said...

Did this guide work for me??? YOU BET!!!! After trying for several hours today, with different guides and programs (all of which were HUGELY disappointing) I found this guide. Simple, to the point, you give the exact directions needed. Nothing extra, nothing less. I could kiss you I'm so happy that I finally have it working to transfer games!!!!!

Marek said...

It is not working for me :(
Any body can help?
Program can not read phone memory.

Anonymous said...

Sadly no...i've been searching for weeks and i found this one which seems easy to follow. I do everything that u say and it goes well, but when i get to the restart button, i press it and my phone restarts, when i look in the java section, guess wat??? not tetris :(

Arnon said...

Great site, Ken. WELL DONE.
P2KCommander works fantastic, moving pictures etc.
Trying to load games. Exit P2KCommader. Started P2KTools. But it is always with the red light "disconnected" at the bottom left. Restarted, but the same remain. Any ideas, please. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tried doing this. Get the message "List index out of bounds (0)" when I try installing the file. Then the program freezes up.

Orrangeburrito said...

i cannot refresh in p2ktools, it simply says Label1 for hours until i turn it off and try again

Anonymous said...

I understand how to do this. And all of your other articles have helped me add ringtones, pictures and such to my phone. But I have a RAZR V3r and my files are in disk c. When I use P2K commander, I have to switch it to the c drive to access files. P2KTools will not let me access the c drive. I can view it and the files in it in the File Manager Folder Tree. But I can't figure out how to change it to disk /c at the bottom so that I can view, access and change the files on my phone. If you know how to do this please help. Thanks for the great site, Ken. It's a big help.

Nate said... the refresh button the same as the read button you refer to? If so, I don't think it's working for me.
Don't fret, though, I probably made about 13.2 mistakes! I'll try again and see what happens. I probably just didn't follow instructions carfully enough...

Nate said...

It seems that all of the files on my phone can load up, but when I go to Kjava and refresh MANY times, Bejeweled Demo (the game that came with my phone) doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong? Is there another button to press to read the info from the phone, or drivers that I didn't install?

simone said...

I downloaded latest version of p2ktools, it does connect to the phone (i see a green light) but no files are displayed. The only software that works for me and lets me mange files is p2kcommander. Is there a way to install games with p2kcomander?

javawizard2539 said...

Something's going wrong. I installed P2KTools, and it can successfully connect to my phone (I tried restarting it from P2KTools and that worked), but when I hit refresh on the kjava page, it shows a progress bar, like it's loading, and then it flashes for a brief moment like it's just added a bunch of stuff to the table, and then it disappears, as if there were no apps installed. What's going on?

I'm also getting the same list index out of bounds error that was noted above.

One last question. Why does it accept a jar file to install, instead of a jad file? When you download games from online, you typically download them as a jad. For that matter, how do you specify the MIDlet to run from within the jar file, if you're not providing it with a jad to use?

Anonymous said...

I can seem to get the current java files to upload even though i have some in my phone. Then we i try to ownlad i get and error syaing it is out of bounds. Please help.

jnguyen said...

for the people who can't seem to connect, try to connect to at first then switch to p2k mode. It worked for me. Problem is that when i click refresh for kjava it just stays on updating.

Arash said...

Hello Alwin Ngai (author of yet another tetris),

I hope to be able to contact you in this way.

Is it possible for you to provide me the source code of the game "Yet another tetris"? I have been playing this great game for several years and want to make some modifications to this game.

My email address is:

thanks a lot..