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Monday, October 01, 2007

My Second Life's First Impression. Original.

Well, I am sure this is not the most original title of them all. Probably at least 100 or more blog postings about the game Second Life and everyone's first impressions of it.

Is my perspective different? Maybe. I have been sitting up here in my hotel room in Mountain View, California and catching up on some blog posts (iPhone) and updating myself on my friends websites. Then browsed past my buddy Bill Moseley's home page.

Bill and I go way back -- read Elementary School here and have had a number of adventures that span a couple of decades, families, weddings, and friends. Now, Bill is an fan of Second Life -- and in fact, integrates the 'game' into his cirriculm at Pepperdine Univeristy and even teaches a course online for Second Life for educators.

Admittedly, Second Life has been for me what blogging was before October of last year (was that really a year ago?) -- something on my to-do list, but never important enough to pursue. So, tonight with a few spare minutes between emails -- I decided to finally check out Second Life. If Bill sees value in it, then I should definitely take a quick peek.

And, this is nothing new to me. I had, way back in college circa 1996 I was pretty into one of the first MMO games, Subspace by Virgin Interactive. I had spent many a late nights with my roommate Josh Rhea battling and developing a little community with the folks we played with. It was fun, and passed some time. So, Second Life was not that new of a concept to me.

First, I created my online personality - Kenny Markstein - no creativity, I know -- it took me 5 minutes to find an available name. Then, I downloaded the application which takes awhile on a hotel's shared Internet system. After about 30 minutes, accounting for the initial download, install, and subsequent updates, I am prepared to start walking around Linden. If only it was that simple.

Let's just say after spending about 45 minutes running through orientation and never making it to the town of Linden, I am simply underwhelmed. Now, it may be my IBM T61 laptop with a Centrino Duo processor or not enough memory -- but the game was darn slow. So, wandering did not do much for me and it was really choppy. Not to mention that the screens would freeze a little when clicking on the learnings.

So, for now I am going to set Second Life aside until I at least return home and get it on my PC to see what the issue was. I'll report back and let you know how it goes.

How is your Second Life going? Should I look you up?