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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Motorola RAZR - Eventlights Setup and Tutuorial Guide

What are Eventlights? They are a cool Motorola feature on many of their phones that show a flashing keypad, LCD screen, and Bluetooth indcator light when you receive a message on your Motorola RAZR V3 or similar phone. It can be a text (SMS) message, email message, or other notifications like voice mail or other system updates. Usually, they do not come enabled out of the box and there are two main methods for enabling the eventlight feature.

1. Use SEEM editing, or a method edit the SEEM or storage container on your mobile Motorola phone.

2. Use an editor like P2KTools in order use a graphical interface in order to edit the various settings.

For the purposes of this tutorial I will be providing both methods, and the graphical interface will be provided by P2KTools 0.8.6 Build 406 (Installation Guide here) although P2KTools3 also know as PKTools VS is also compatible.

Here is the how to guide:

1. You need to either edit Seem 0032_0001 offset 63 by making sure that bit 2 is checked or using P2KTools (pictured below) you can choose the --> Switch to P2K Mode --> Other Features --> Multimedia --> Click 'Get' near the bottom --> then select 'CLUB_LIGHTS_AVAILABLE', 'CLUB_LIGHT_AVAIALBLE' and 'ALERT_LIGHTS_AVAILABLE' on the phone --> Click Set below.

RAZR Eventlights setup for your Motorola RAZR phone

2. An important step (missed originally) is that now you need to use the green 'Restart' button at the top of the screen for the P2KTools software to restart your phone. Once the phone is restarted, go to step 3.

3. Now go to your RAZR phone and click Menu --> Settings --> Ring Styles --> Event L ights, and the 'Ring Lights' menu item should be enabled. Choose from your choice of various Ring Lights which include (None), Starburst, Wild, Lava, Funk, Pulse, Wave, Techno, and Forest. Once you select your Ring Lights style, exit. Place a test SMS text message or email to your mobile phone and see the Eventlights light up!

Congratulations, you have successfully enabled the Moto modification for Eventlights on your Motorola phone! Did this work for you? Please let me know with a comment!


Anonymous said...

No go with Razr V3xx. All the steps seem to go as expected, but after restarts, no additional menu option available for Ring Lights.