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Saturday, October 06, 2007

USC Trojans Upset by Stanford Cardinals

As pathetic as the game was from a USC Trojans standpoint -- the end was very exciting despite the 41-point favorite Trojans losing to the Stanford Cardinals on a touchdown in the last minute by Stanford to take their first lead of the game.

Below is a clip a of video shots from the game from our seats in Section 12, an improvement from a viewing perspective from the last game we attended against Washington State in section 15. No special overlay of music or effects -- but you get to catch one of the most exciting parts of the game with the Navy Leapfrogs -- parachute demonstration teaming dropping in during pregame!

In our new pre-game routine, we hung out at the Beer Garden at the Los Angeles Sports Arena watching the Georgia / Tennessee game. Then, we wandered around the tailgate parties and the pavilion where you can win shirts and other fun stuff.

Enough has been written about the game itself at this point, and being there it was not much of a shocker. The offense looked absolutely awful the entire game, and the crowd was out the game for much of the game. In the end, it was exiciting -- and the crowd was excited.

Some of my notes from the game:
- The last drive by Stanford was reminiscent of the 2006 Rose Bowl game I attended against the Texas Longhorns. You felt that Stanford was not going to be stopped no matter what happened -- that something, a close 4th spot, a 4th down conversion for a touchdown, a penalty would end with USC going down by a point. A very eerie feeling.
- The penalty for 12 men on the field before the final touchdown may have actually helped Stanford out. With a little more room to work, it gave the opportunity for the pass to be less precise than on previous play.
- The USC defense played spectacular. Even though they gave up 17 points and the game winning touchdown, most of the time they were put in a bad situation by the offense.
- John David Booty, for the third week in a row was awful. He should be benched in favor of Mark Sanchez.
- Patrick Turner gets the butterfinger award. Of the few passes that Booty threw accurately, he dropped 3 of them that hit him in the hands. Although he made a couple of great catches -- they were overshadowed by the drops.
- Lots of booing from the USC crowd. It is clear they are fed up with the lackadasical manner the offense went about their business.
- Stafon Johnson was greatly missed in the backfield and the running game suffered.
- The USC Trojans lack an exciting or game breaking play like we have been accustomed to over the pass few years, Carson Palmer, Mike William, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Dwayne Jarret, and Steve Smith. No one has stepped up this year that can break on that can go the distance. The tight-end Fred Davis appears the be the closest thing they have right now.
- Will be interesting if USC is able to win the PAC-10 this year. No chance with the way the offense is playing!