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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Whew! Mark Sanchez has his First Start for USC Today!

I am relieved. Very relieved. Apparently John David Booty is too hurt to play this Saturday due to the broken finger he suffered late in the first half of the disastrous USC Trojans loss to the Stanford Cardinals last week. Even given the injury, Booty had thrown 7 interceptions in the past two games and looked awful. I had been calling for USC to bench Booty after watching the performance at the Los Angeles Coliseum last week. Because of the injury, Mark Sanchez the redshirt shophomore will finally gets his first start.

Mark Sanchez starts for the USC Trojans today against Arizona

Some of the news this weeks has circulated around the fact that in the 7 passes that Mark Sanchez has thrown, 1 of them was an interception. The overblown statistic shows that over 15% of his passes result in the INT. That being said, the majority of those passes were in super mop-up duty playing with 2nd & 3rd string against the Washington State Cougars first string. Highly misleading.

The word from the Trojans camp this week is that the passes that Sanchez was throwing were crisp, on the money and he displayed a great long ball with excellent touch. The last piece is a critical aspect that has been missing all year from the USC offense.

The only question? Can Patrick Turner actually catch the ball this week?

Is the future of the USC offense about ready to start? Let's hope so and that Mark Sanchez, along with Stafon Johnson's return is enough to blow the Arizona Wildcats out of the water.