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Friday, October 05, 2007

Wii Channel Online Store Fails to Take Credit Cards

On my recent experience with the Wii Online Store through the Nintendo Wii Channels a very interesting thing happened. It appears that the Wii Store or Wii Shopping Channel as it is more accurately called will not take certain credit cards. Here is my experience.

Wii Channel Online Store Fails to Take Credit Cards

When trying to add some Wii Points to my Wii Points Card online, I followed the mechanism to authorize and purchase 1000 Wii Points. I used a particular credit card that met the requirements -- Visa or Mastercard and entered all of the correct information. Suprisingly after authorizing the purchase, the card was rejected.

Thinking that I had somehow mis-typed the information into the purchasing shopping cart on the Nintendo Wii, leading to the failed purchase. I then re-entered all the information again, being extra careful to make sure I had it right. Still, after going out for authorization, it failed.

Now, this did not make sense to me -- so I grabbed a different Visa card that I had handy and tested it out. After going through the process again, magically the Wii Shopping Channel took my Visa Credit Card information and made the purchase. Crazy I thought, what was the difference?

As it turns out the first card I tried was a BUSINESS CREDIT CARD rather than a personal credit card. It appears that the Wii Shopping Channel will not support the use of business cards for purchasing Wii Points Cards through the Nintendo Wii. An important piece of information if you are considering purchasing some Wii Points!

Have you had this problem as well? Let me know with a comment!