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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Close Call in Frankfurt, On to Bangalore

When I went to sleep last night after a lengthy meal on the plane, I was going to have plenty of time to spare once I landed in Frankfurt. This morning as I woke up for breakfast it looks like it will be a close call once we arrive into the airport to make the transfer.

On a side note, it feels like all they do is constantly feed you on these business class flights. After four optional courses of food for dinner, now here comes a large breakfast just four hours later. Now on the Bangalore flight, it looks like a three course lunch and a four course dinner. I will likely decline most of this food – how can anyone eat this much (4 large meals in 20 hours) is beyond me – and I like to eat a lot of food.

Because of inclement weather in Frankfurt, we are delayed by an additional 25 minutes into the landing – making the landing at 12:00pm, just 30 minutes before the flight departure for Bangalore. Luckily the gate is in the same terminal meaning that I will not have to run. Hopefully my luggage makes it with me to Bangalore – fingers crossed.

Once we finally land and I get off the plane, there is a Lufthansa representative there to escort the 5 of us on the LAX --> FRA flight over to the Bangalore gate. We all make it onto the plane and have an easy time boarding since everyone else is already on the plane.

Apparently, we could have taken more time – several other flights were delayed inbound to Frankfurt so we kick back and relax for an additional 20 minutes while everyone boards.

I am planning on this flight being both a productive and relaxing flight. I slept most of the LAX --> FRA flight to get myself on the India time zone more easily. On this flight I plan working on a couple of posts (including this one), catching up on email, and reading the book – “Searching for God Knows What” by Donald Miller – the author of “Blue Like Jazz”. I started it a couple of years ago and never made the time to finish it. So I am starting over and strongly desire to finish it this trip. I will let you know how it goes.

We land in Bangalore on Sunday, November 11th – so some details will follow there. One difference on this trip is that we are getting a direct transfer from the Leela Palace Kempinski rather than having our driver. With this, we avoid the throngs of people outside the airport with lists of names that take you a half-hour to locate yours. We’ll get out driver for the week tomorrow.


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