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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fixed? Green Line on 1080i with Verizon FiOS IMG

Apparently I am not the only one having this problem. At first I was thinking it was my Vizio 42" 1080p LCD television having the problem with displaying 1080i resolution. Today I found out that the issue is with Verizon's FIOS Interactive Media Guide on the Motorola's QUIP6416-2 HD/DVR supporting 1080i resolution properly and not the Vizio VU42LF's fault.

Here is what I am talking about in the below picture, notice the green vertical bar on the LCD screen on the right side that the arrow is pointing towards.

Vizio LCD TV 42-inch with Green Line proble on the Verizon FIOS IMG (Interactive Media Guide) at 1080i resolution with Motorola's QUIP6416-2 HD DVR

How did I find out? First off, the problem only exists when I am on an actual channel that is broadcasting in high definition -- say ABC HD or ESPNHD. The problem does not exist on other channels when running in the 1080i mode. At first I tried to see if the issue was with the positioning on the screen. While I could mask most of the issues by moving the screen to the right -- it messed up the pictures on the other pages.

Then another oddity -- my Sony Projection Television did not have the same symptoms running at 1080i, so I assumed it was a problem with the Vizio LCD television. After some research though, I have determined that is not the case.

Basically, because of the scanning / overscanning on projection type televisions -- they are not affected by this particular problem with the green line, and in some cases a partial picture on the left side. However, most LCD and plasma televisions experience this sort of issue with the Verizon FiOS IMG service.

Luckily, the issue does not happen on other resolutions including the 720p resolution on IMG. The picture below shows the television picture running at 720p without the annoying green line on the right side.
Vizio LCD TV 42-inch working fine with the Verizon FIOS IMG (Interactive Media Guide) at 720p resolution with Motorola's QUIP6416-2 HD DVR

What's the fix? Currently there is not a fix for the 1080i resolution problem on the Verizon FiOS Interactive Media Guide system. However, I did speak with a technical support representative today to log the issue on my account. The representatvie stated that this was a known issue and will be fixed in the next patch or upgrade in 4-6 weeks. That and a few other "stability" fixes for the Motorola QUIP6416-2 and the IMG operating system.

I would recommend switching to 720p for the time being and then once the fix is out there, switching up to 1080i to enjoy it without the green line. I will be updating my site once the fix is out.

Are you also experiencing the Verizon FiOS green line issue on your television? If so, can you leave a comment with your television model number to help others?

Update: An IMG update was made to all Verizon FiOS boxes on 12/12/07, however that fix did not correct the 1080i and green line issue. Please click here for the details.

Update 2: An IMG update in October 2008 was made an has fixed the issue for most users. Click here for more information.

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Adam said...

Whew. Thank God. I hooked up my new 1080p plasma and thought my display was screwy. I've been scouring the net to find out if anyone else had the problem. I certainly don't enjoy having it there. I'm just thankful it's not my set. Let's hope they roll out that fix on FIOS ASAP.

Ken Hanscom said...

Yep, hopefully before the end of the year. It is pretty annoying. Also verified that there will not be 1080p supported, that there are no broadcasters broadcasting yet in 1080p.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope they fix it soon. I feel you on the whole 720 thing, but let's face it. We're not paying for FIOS to get 720. We want 1080. That damn green line is so annoying. I tried valiantly to get through to a rep tonight, but of course getting a live person is like Mission Impossible. Well, at least it's semi- ammusing to yell obscenities to the automated lady.

Thanks for your info. Please keep us posted on any update.

Anonymous said...

I have a Vizio VUL42FHD (I think thats it) but anyway, have the same problem. The annoying green line on the right side. Also thought it was my set but now know its the crappy motorola box. Another thing I noticed is when in 1080i, and moving the screen to the right a bit to get rid of the green line, I get a strange vertical distortion on the left of the screen. Most people might not notice it but I do and now that I know its there I always see it. I have reset my moto box to 720p to get rid of both these problems. I have not seen much difference between 720p and 1080i so I can live with it until they fix the problem. Thanks for the info, glad its not just me....

raz0red said...

I had the same problem. I was able to work around it by setting the HDMI output color space to RGB. With that setting, I am able to do 1080i without the green line.

Mike said...

Similar to raz0red I was able to change the green line to black by switching color space to RGB.

What you have to do is when your box is on push POWER then SELECT then MENU to get to get the box settings. go to ADDITIONAL HDMI SETTINGS and scroll down and push the right directional button to switch the color space.

HOWEVER i dont know if anyone else has what verizon termed a "scan line distortion" on the left side of their screen. I basically have a vertical line running from top to bottom that shifts the picture up when anything passes to the left of it. Think of a glass of water and when you put a straw into it you can see the straw distort through the water. Tahts basically what's happening. It's about an inch away from the left side of the screen and driving me mad.

Is anyone else experiencing this same problem with the vizio 42" lcd and verizon fios HD?

HELP! is this a fix verizon is working on also?

Mike said...

BTW I have:

TV: Vizio VU42L FHDTV10A
BOX: QIP6416-2
Service: Verizon FIOS

LogMonkey said...

Yep I have the same problem with my Samsung. Hope it gets fixed...

bob5150 said...

Finally, Verizon got around to rolling out IMG in NY (Long Island,Nassau). I wish they hadn't since I have now had to switch my resolution over to 720p to avoid the green line. Any info on upcoming fixes. This is pretty obsurd. I agree with a previous poster......I got Fios to take advantage of everything that my TV can do. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Just like the last poster, FiOS just switched to IMG in my area this morning and now I have the verticle green line on the right and the picture shift distortion (I think it's called "tearing" on the left). I have a Samsung LNT-4661. Everything was fine before. If I switch to "16x9" mode from "Just Scan" mode then the line and tearing go away, but a substantial amount of the picture is chopped off. Also, this is weird -- if I turn the box off but leave the TV on, the line is still there.

Some posters on AV sites have said their may be a Samsung firmware update to fix it. YOu have to contact Samsung.

Fiji80 said...

Man, am I glad I found this blog. Verizon came and changed my HD DVR box and all of my cables and told me it was my TV (Vizio VU42L). I brought it back to Costco and got a new one and flipped out when I still had the problem. I lost the green line by adjusting the horizontal to the right, but still have the vertical tear at the left which is driving me nuts.Verizon FIOS service has sucked compared to Cablevision. Both times I've set up an appointment they have missed and had to reschedule (while I've burned a day at work).

Ken Hanscom said...

I had the same problem -- their customer service and dispatch offices are awful.

Here's my post on this:

Vzretired03 said...

Same problem also..
Switched to 720p to remove line.
Have a Sony XB5..
No Green Line at 1080i while watching HD from tivo.
It's has to be the IMG.

Craig said...

Same problem here. I had FiOS installed yesterday and saw this immediately. I have a Pioneer PDP-6010FD.

Having said that...

With some experimentation we discovered that the problem only appears when using dot-by-dot mode (some sets call it 1:1 or pixel mapping) and the set is hooked up via HDMI. Dot-by-dot over component and switching the TV to Full over HDMI both got rid of the green line.

stuartag said...

I have a Pioneer Pro 150FD with FIOS and have the same issue. When the picture is centered on the screen at 1080i via HDMI I get the the "mirror bevel" on the left side of the screen. when I move the picture to the left to cover it, I get the "green line" on the right.

Anonymous said...

I am the Anon poster on Jan 8, 08 above. You can change your settings on the FiOS set-top box to 720p then the green line and tearing line should go away. It did for me. The difference between 1080i and 720p is nearly negligable on most channels. But very annoying that I can't maximize my TV when using allegedly "the best HD service available."

Based on all the posts, this is clearly an issue with 1080p sets. My guess is that we are getting more signal than FiOS expects us to get. In other words, our TVs are too good for their signal, and we are getting "underscan" problems.

Craig said...

My Pio PDP-6010FD shows the same issue using HDMI, STB set to 1080i, and TV set to dot-by-dot.

Change to component cables, STB to 720p, or TV to Full and problem goes away.

Danglin said...

My set top box just upgraded to the new IMG yesterday, 1/16 and the green line started. It was driving me nuts, I tried different inputs, different HDMI cable...

I have an Olevia. For me it's not only the green line, but on the left side there's also a shift in the picture. The left one inch is shifted about a quarter inch down.

Jaybird said...

I too have the Vizio 42" LCD 1080p T.V. Not only do I have the green line in 1080i, I now have on the left side of my picture a vertical clear picture about an inch wide. It is very hard to describe. I can see the entire picture on my screen but that inch wide area is off a hair from the rest of the viewing area. The only way I got rid of it was to set my box to
720p. Having a tech come to the house! This upgrade blows!

xradman said...

I'm having the same problems (green line on right, slight frame mismatching on left) with my brand new Panasonic AE2000U 1080P front projector. I'm glad it's not a problem with the projector.

Jaybird said...


I had 2 smacks from Verizon show up at my house yesterday to try and "solve" the problem. Not only has the IMG upgrade caused problems viewing in 1080i, it also affected the HD set-top-box as well. We couldn't reset the STB by pressing the menu button. With the tv on, and STB off, if you hit the menu button it should bring up the STB settings. After unplugging AC power from the STB (say for a minute) then plugging it in again could you gain access to the STB menu...but briefly before it kicks you out. I did manage to reset the STB to factory defaults but when viewing ANY picture on HD channels I still have the same problem as before. Here's my conclusion...the only way to use your HDMI cable w/o having issues is to set the STB to 720p. I asked the 2 smacks from Verizon to hook up component cables...problem goes away in 1080i. Until Verizon gets their act together with HDMI/1080i, use component cables and you'll have a great picture.

Craig said...


Have you tried setting your TV to a mode that uses some overscan? Just curious, because that fixed the problem on my Pioneer (the STB is outputting 1080i, hooked up via HDMI, using Full instead of dot-by-dot mode).

Jaybird said...

Hmmm...not sure if the Vizio has those settings? What is Full and dot-by-dot mode? Maybe Vizio calls it something else?

Craig said...

I downloaded the manual for the VU42LF and I don't see anything in it that corresponds to the overscan mode of the Pioneer. That leads me to believe the Vizio is probably always in a 1:1 pixel mapping mode (what Pio calls dot-by-dot) when it is being fed a 1080i/p signal. In your case, composite or sending 720p from the STB are the only options.

Anonymous said...

Guys, check out these threads. Its a revolution! Get your act together, Verizon:

Anonymous said...

Yep - I'm experiencing the green line on the Epson Home Cinema 1080UB.

See my review at:


Slice and Dice said...

I have the Vizio 42" 1080p. We just got the new upgraded media manager last thursday. Immediately, I too had the green line. I was told there may not be a fix for 6 months. And if I wanted out of my new contract, they would allow me to end the agreement. I think Verizon really dropped the ball on this one! There should be beta tests to ensure quality control. I will wait this out for a month, then I'll be leaving if the problem goes unsolved!

strawman said...

Although changing the resolution to 720p gets rid of the green line, the waterfall effect on the left of the screen remains.

I have a JVC DLA-HD1 projector which uses YCbCr processing. I don't know about other TVs, but YCbCr is extremely common in the US. One problem of changing the color space to RGB is that it introduces unnecessary or incorrect video processing.

I recommend using about 2.5% overscan control (or pixel cropping in my JVC) to cut out the green line until Verizon fixes it.

Markovitz said...

Hey All,

Got a Vizio 42" on Saturday and got the same problem with the distortion on the left and the green line on the right. I must admit I was pretty pissed because I spent a lot of money for a TV and while they gave me FREE HDMI cables in the box, it is unacceptable that FiOS would have this problem.

I switched to component cables and put it back to 1080i, did some calibration and the picture looks fantastic.

Thats all you really have to do. So what if it isnt HDMI, for now component will work just fine. MHD and NFLHD look spectacular!

Anonymous said...

I have a Sharp Aquos and am experiencing the same problem. Have had a Verizon tech out here...he promised an upgrade in January that would solve the problem. Upgrade came, problem is still there. Spoke with a tech today and they are aware of the problem and working on it. The only fix I've found is in the HD/DVR menu, changing the HD option to RGB. That will make your green line go away and fix the distortion. However, as soon as you turn the box off and turn it back on it goes back to factory settings and you have to reset it to RGB again. So for now, we watch everything with the green line and hope for a fix. According to the phone tech guy, I'm supposed to get a phone call within 24 hours on what their plan is.

Anonymous said...

Thank God there is someone else out there with this annoying problem. Thank you so much for putting up this site. I have the same green line. I also have the distortion on the left side of my screen that was mentioned in another posted comment. My issues also go away when I change my cable box output to 720. I have a Toshiba 42" LCD 1080P. I also just got a newer cable box so I could take advantage of the HDMI output instead of the Component. The new box worked great for about a week and then the green line and the distortion showed up.

Anonymous said...

I am also experiencing the green line on the right and the distortion on the left. I have a Toshiba 42HL196 42" LCD 1018p. My service is Comcast Cable using the same Motorola box. When I switch the box to 720p or use the component output both the green line and the distortion disappear. I just started seeing this issue two days ago. Thank you for creating this thread.

Anonymous said...

Great The Magnavox 37" LCD has the same issue with PS3. Thank You. I called Playstation today with no help they have or the operator had not heard about the problem.

Ken Hanscom said...

Wow, that is the first I have heard of it on the Playstation 3. I do not have that problem with my PS3. By chance, are you running the latest PS3 firmware? May an upgrade will change that issue.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know when they will try an update again to fix this problem? Any new info? Great thread by the way....

Anonymous said...

The issue was fixed on my set with the last update. I forget the version number of the IMG and I'm not at home right now to check. I'm pretty sure the major version is 1.6, but couldn't tell you what the build # is.

Anonymous said...

I have just had a new service installed and the green line is there. I am being told that the fix shold be downloaded this month. The point is that we can all use component cables for now or change to 720 but we are still paying for a service that we are not receiving. No one told me that I wouldn't be able receive 100% digital at 1080 when i signed up or i'm sure most of us would have gone for another provider.

Anonymous said...

Speaking only for myself, I would not have gone with another provider. This is, in my opinion only, a tiny, minor inconvenience. So I used Full instead of dot-by-dot for a few months. Big whoop. I'm still saving over $800 compared to Comcast over the next two years. A few pixels is hardly worth $800 to me.

Anonymous said...

using component vs hdmi for 1080i is not going to give you anything less. until (or whenever) broadcasts are even at 1080p is when you will require to use hdmi anyways.

if you want digital sound, use an optical audio cable.

Anonymous said...

Same here i just got mine installed and i got the same like thank god i searched online it would drive me insane.

42" westing house 1080P

Anonymous said...

Same issue with a Sharp Aquos 48 and Denon AVC3808CI. It's the Motorala HD/DVR box, and FYI comcast uses the same crap as Verizon apparently. Setting my TV to "Stretch" view mode which does chop a bit of image off but better than that green line and tearing.

Anonymous said...

When Verizon updated the channel listing last month in Southern California in preparation for the HD switch, the green line problem was resolved. I changed my STB back to 1080p and no green line. So it took over a year to get the update.

Anonymous said...

For those looking at this still, I received the latest img about 1-2 months ago in the NY long island area. I switched back to HDMI and I no longer receive this line.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, us Comcast (Chicago) subscribers still have the dreaded green line and the tearing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for us Comcast subscribers the green line and the tearing are still there.

Anonymous said...

Bought a Vizio 1080P LCD and had the green line as the others have. The cable man went to the cable box and powered off the unit. Then pressed the menu button(all this has to be done from the box not the remote). Leave the power on the TV. Find the item HDMI/DVI and change this setting to DVI. This cleared the green line but the audio was not working. Added a cable from the audio out from the cable box to the audio in to the TV where the HDMI cable was attached. Now I have sound and no green line in 1080i(p when available). Convoluted but it worked. A newer PACE box will work but not a Motorola box no matter how new it is.