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Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Hiatus for the Month Of November?

The month of the November promises to be a crazy one no doubt. And for that reason, just giving a quick update here on SomeLifeBlog as it could be a quiet one on the posting front. The last couple of months had been good, providing adequate time fro work, personal, and some hobby writing here at SomeLifeBlog. That being said, I am not so positive on how November with the posting -- still not sure how the month will shape up but it looks to be insane.

The reasons? Are numerous, but include the two primaries:

Lots of travel. In the first couple of weeks, it looks like I am doing two stints in Mountain View, CA, a quick trip all the way out to Atlanta, GA (whew, this was cancelled), then fly back from Atlanta and the same day catch a flight to India for a week stay in Bangalore in Coimbatore. All of this before the week of Thanksgiving, wow! After Thanksgiving, looks like trips to Utah and Ohio are on tap.

New responsibilities at work. I have take on some additional R&Rs at my job over the past few weeks. For the most part it means a larger organization (~200 folks), and responsibility for product development, qa, data center, and operations. It has been a lot of fun, but also a lot more work!

So, with that it promises to be an exciting month -- but an unknown from the posting perspective. I have a lot of great things queued up, however am looking to balance a little more. Slacking on reading, I am looking to catch up on my 40+ hours of flight time round-trip to India.

See you soon!