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Saturday, November 03, 2007

iPhone & GMAIL: Ashley Finally Got her IMAP Access

It took longer than Google said it would. Today - Saturday, November 3rd Ashley finally had the magical "Forwarding and POP3/IMAP" tab show up in her GMAIL properties which could start the process of MAPI enabling he iPhone for the GMAIL account. Interestingly, IMAP was automatically enabled without any additional changes or selections being made.

Ashley had been waiting for this for awhile – mainly because she was sick of having to manage her GMAIL e-mail in two separate places. Once in her iPhone and then again through her web browser. In the end it took Google over “about a week” (here) they suggested – more like 10 days, but who is counting anyways?

We initially attempted to follow the instructions here, but there is one huge item to get right that is not mentioned -- and we missed this important key initially. If you had your iPhone setup to use the wizard based email application for GMAIL, you are not presented with an option to change between POP3 / IMAP or other types of connectivity.

Rather, you must DELETE your current GMAIL account on your Apple iPhone and then go through the standard (non-AOL, Hotmail, or Gmail) account addition process to have the option of selecting the right type of connectivity (IMAP) and complete the configuration process.

Luckily, once we got through the initial setup confusion, the rest of the configuration was very straight forward. Not to mention that article over at has some great advice and tips for making Gmail more effective with all the tagging, archiving, and sorting that you need.

Good luck and enjoy, Ashley is!