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Monday, November 19, 2007

Jet Lag, No Way To Avoid It?

Well, there goes that theory.

I woke up abruptly at 2:00am this morning after returning from my trip to India on Saturday afternoon. After laying in bed for two hours, attempting to go back to sleep -- I finally got out of bed and decided to call it a night. Frustrating jet lag.

This development relatively unexpected for me as I managed my sleep and awake time pretty well. I thought I was in the clear from any possible jet lag until this morning.

- I slept good amounts of time on both the Chennai to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Los Los Angeles flights.
- I had a great dinner out and was able to stay up on Saturday night until almost 10:00pm and got a full night worth of sleep.
- I did not need any naps on Sunday to make it through the day and went to bed at a fairly normal time, 11:00pm.

On my first trip to India, this was all I needed and I was pretty much in good shape. On the second trip, all bets were off as I was already getting sick -- and I was doomed to a couple of zombie like days. Let's hope that I am not in the jet lagged state for too much longer from this trip!

This means that I am in for not only a long work day today, but a few cups of Starbucks coffee may be necessary to get me through it without a nap. Let's hope things are more normal tomorrow night and an end to the jet lag.