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Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Malibu Fire on November 24, 2007

We started off today with plans to leave Anaheim, CA and our 4th annual trip to Disneyland, then we turned on the television in the midst of the red flag warning through 3:00pm today.

Malibu, California fire on November 24, 2007

To our surprise, not the first fire, not the second fire, but the third fire in Malibu, California this year -- and it has been burning since 3:00am this morning. The fire started in an area of Corral Canyon or Latigo canyon in an area that may not have burned since 1993.

We then ate a quick breakfast and headed on our way home.

As of this post, 35 homes had burned -- there is a large amount of support, including the famous DC-10 airplane - the 10 Tanker Air Carrier supporting the fire. In fact on our way home we were able to see it, in the picture below approaching its second drop.

Picture of 10 Tanker Air Carrier fighting the November 2007 Malibu Fires

As of now, the 1500 acre blaze is buring north and west, directionally towards our home. The fire fighters are attempting to stop the fire at Kanan Dume road. If not, the fire could come fairly close here -- although we would likely still be in the clear, even if it does.

These photos were taken during our drive home from Anaheim to Newbury Park today.

A picture of the November 2007 Malibu fire from the 101 freeway in Calabasas, CA