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Sunday, November 18, 2007

P2K Commander 4.9.E Available - includes Vista x64 Compatibility!

After a four month hiatus from updates, P2K Commander has finally been updated and the results are rather impressive! Thus far, the P2K Commander 4.9 versions (4.9.A, 4.9.B, 4.9.C, and 4.9.D) had not worked well on Microsoft Windows Vista, even with an upgrade to the P2K Commander Windows Vista executable I mentioned here. Even with that, there was still no love for Windows Vista 64-bit (x86).

P2K Commander version 4.9.E is now available including Vista and 64-bit (x64) support!

However, with P2KCommander version all of that has changed. (You can download yours here.) Today, with a simple download, extract and start-up -- I immediately had connectivity to my Motorola RAZR V3 phone. This was perhaps the easiest installation I have had for the P2KCommander suite of software. Help text is also now available in Hungarian and German in addition to English.

More to come on the features, but here are the latest release notes:

Vista comp. Can copy multiple seem folders at once.
Manage favourite folders, bugfix: port above COM10, volumes if only /a present
P2kAutostart fully integrated.
If selected, it registers itseft into registry. and next boot starts automatically.
If Autorun P2kCommander and autoswitch to p2kmode selected there is a maximum comfort.
If you plug your phone, P2kCommander starts and switch to p2kmode immedialtely.
New P2kAutostart: restart,flashmode,start skinner4moto, recognize phone model
New P2kCommander: p2kc file executes attrib command.
p2kc commands: see faqxxx.txt file in p2kc_batch_example folder
More multithreading. You can close wait window, and browse filesystem while loading filenames!

While it states that P2K Commander 4.9.D did have Vista compatibility, I was not able to confirm until version 4.9.E. This appears to be the best P2K Commander version available yet -- I recommend updating yours today!


kb7ypf said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that this version works well with VISTA, at least on my computer.

Anonymous said...

It's not working with Windows XP, keeps giving me the prompt that it has to shut down the program. I've tried to do it in the safe mode and the regular mode. It worked for about 15 minutes when I first downloaded it, but now it's not working at all. It just freezes up and I can't get my files to my phone. Help?

Ken Hanscom said...

Have you rebooted your machine? If not, I would recommend starting there. It is possible that something is stuck in memory.

So, power down you machine all the way. Wait 30 seconds. Turn it back on.

Let me know how it goes.


jtinvegas said...

I downloaded p2k4.9e and it was working fine but then I hit the switch to AT mode and now it will not see my phone. I unistalled it and rebooted my comp then I reinstalled it but it still wont seem my phone. It says AT device disconnected. Can some one help me

Ken Hanscom said...

JT - I have also had some issues in AT mode with P2K Commander. Honstly, I have been using P2K Tools ( to perform any tasks in AT mode. Check it out!


digvijay pratap singh said...

Everytime I run the P2K commander, a window prompt props up saying that the P2k Commander has stopped workin and windows is trying to fix the error and then everything closes down. Could you help me.

Anonymous said...

The p2kcommander works from cmd prompt in vista SP1, (open Cmd prompt as Administrator)
In explorer it crashes .
Thanks but , you post is excelent and helped a lot.
- anurag

Galen said...

why does it say suspended page when i click the link!?!?!