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Sunday, December 09, 2007

1999 Shelby Cobra Phase 3 at the Pismo Classic

A few months later, but finishing up a few posts I started earlier this year. :-)

Another one of the great cars at the 22nd Annual Pismo Classic car show in Pismo Beach, California this week was this 1999 Shelby Cobra Phase III built by Carroll Shelby. There were a number of Shelby Cobras at the show, ranging from ones that were built at the plant in Las Vegas to ones that were owner assembled.

This particular car was #140 of the 150 that were buily by Shelby and a short term partner. Here are the details and pictures of that car:

This Cobra was produced at the Las Vegas Shelby plan in July, 1999. Carroll Shelby and a short term partner built 150 of these "phase 3" models. This is #140. Very shortly after their join venture together, Carroll Shelby dissolved their partnership. Shelby continued building the Cobra "his" way.

Brief description of car equipment:
- Engine, S8100 Approved / Certified 351 Windsor with 550hp
- 13 1/2 quart oil pan
- 2.75" intake
- 2" exhaust valves
- High volume oil pump
- Carbon Fiber body ($8,000 option)
- Coil over spring suspension, adjustable front and rear
- Front heavy duty rack and pinion steering

Front view of this 1999 Shelby Cobra Phase III #140:1999 Carroll Shelby Cobra Phase III Front View

Rear side shot of this 1999 Shelby Cobra Phase III #140:1999 Carroll Shelby Cobra Phase III Front View

Photos were taken with my 10.0 MegaPixel Canon G7 digital camera. Higher resolutions images are available by contacting me directly.