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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Airlines Could Help with a Little More Information

Tonight I am sitting at the SFO airport. Waiting. Waiting for 10:14pm to come since we were originally supposed to leave at 9:05pm.

Waiting for a delayed inbound flight to arrive in San Francisco. From somewhere. Who knows where.

This is actualy the second time that this has happened to me flying out of SFO. It seems this 9:00ish flight has some serious time issue. Maybe it is coming from Chicago.

Still, if only I knew. If only I knew when I was selecting my flight home from SFO to LAX where the flight was coming from, I might make a different choice. If I knew this flight was coming from Chicago or Denver and it was the middle of December, I probaby would not choose this flight. Would you?

Why can't airlines and United Airlines in this case give me access t othis information when I am booking my flight. They know where the flight is coming from, why can't I?

I know that if I knew -- I would have choosen the 7:00 flight (also delayed tonight to 8:40pm) or even the 10:30pm flight (appears to be on time).

So airlines, here is a request. When we're choosing our flights online when booking -- give us the option to see where the flights are coming from. It may change our decisions!