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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ethanol Production Turns Farmers into Kings

This morning's paper had a few interesting items in it. One of them was a political cartoon on the recent legislation continue the promotion of US Farms, specifically for Ethanol farming. In this cartoon, the picture shows two farmers, one wearing a non-traditional US farmer outfit on a tractor commenting to a traditional looking US farmer with the following caption:

"I started wearin' this when I realized how much money there is in ethanol."
Here is the actual cartoon:

Ethanol Turns Corn Farmer into Oil King and puts on traditional Middle Eastern dress - Politcal Cartoon
The suggestion is that Ethanol production via Corn Farming has become as lucrative for these farms as oil has been for many in the Middle East.

Admittedly, I am one who still does not quite understand or agree with the "science" and subsidies behind ethanol farming. Even with all of the reading that I have done. It is hard not to feel that much of the spin on corn farming and Ethanol is politically motivated. It is sure to be a hot topic in the 2008 election year!

What are your thoughts on recent laws and initiatives supporting Ethanol production in the United States? What other impacts might it have?