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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fixed! iPhone Stops Syncing Music with iTunes

Ashley's iPhone stopped syncing her music. She only found out when she was on her flight last week to San Antonion and found out that her updated playlist that included all of her Holiday music did not exist on her Apple iPhone.

Naturally when she arrived home, she let me know of the issue. ;-)

After taking her iPhone and getting it to sync with iTunes, I too noticed that the music from her playlists would not sync. I tried a number of basic attempts to see if I could get it to sync.

I exited out of the iTunes software, and restarted it on her Windows Vista machine. That did not fix the issue.

I adjusted the smart playlist itself to see if it was the cause of the music not syncing. That did not fix the issue.

I changed the setting from 'Selected playlists' to 'All songs and playlists'. That did not work.

I unchecked 'Sync Music' on the music tab in iTunes, but that did not work either even though it removed about 2500 songs.

I even turned off 'Automatically sync when the iPhone is connected' and tried a manual sync. That did little good.

Finally after looking at a couple of site that suggested the above routine of manually syncing iTunes to get the iPhone to receive the music I just shut the computer all the way off.

After it rebooted and came back up, I changed my setting to the way they originally setup and it is working again. Now she just has to wait for all 2500+ songs to sync between the iPhone and computer. That will take awhile.

At least the proble with the iPhone won't sync music for iTunes is fixed. Lesson learned, next time just reboot first!