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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fixed! Adjusting the Sensor Bar Sensitvity on the Wii

This post is one of several on how to fix problems with your Nintendo Wii. To see the entire list, click here for the Nintendo Wii Repair Guide.

If you're experiencing a jerky or disappearing curson on your Nintendo Wii and that fix did not work, then you may want to look at the sensitivity of the setting on the Nintendo Wii system. This tends to enable you to make fine adjustments as well as locate any additoinal obstructions in your gaming area that may interfere with your Nintendo Wii playing!

Here is how you can adjust the sensitivity on your Wii's sensor bar:
If you feel you are not getting an optimal pointing experience with the Wii Remote, this setting may help. Adjusting the Sensor Bar's sensitivity determines how far from the TV the Wii Remote can be and still function properly.

Use the Wii Remote to get the cursor to get the two white dots in the test field.

If you see two blinking dots, then the sensitivity is set currently set correctly.
If you don't see two blinking dots (they don't have to blink at the same time), adjust the sensitivity with the + and - buttons of the Wii Remote until you see two blinking dots.

Select "Confirm" to save the setting.

Please note that the higher the sensitivity setting, the more sensitive the Sensor Bar becomes to sunlight and various light sources. This may impact the operation of the Wii Remote. The initial recommended distance for using the Wii Remote Pointer is 3 to 8 feet from the Sensor Bar.

Seeing more than two dots?
If you see more than two dots on the Sensitivity screen, then the Sensor Bar is picking up on additional light sources. Verify that there are no bright light sources, including sunlight, behind or near the TV, shining towards the Wii Remote or reflecting off the TV screen. Avoid sources of infrared light in the gameplay area such as electric, propane or kerosene heaters, flames from fireplaces or candles, and stoves or other sources of heat.

Seeing only one dot?
Click here for troubleshooting.


Anonymous said...

I have 4 remotes. When we sinc them one gets position 2, then 3 then 4 but none of them get position 1./ So we have no main controller and no way to get into the main menu.
No matter which remote we sinc first, it never gets the first light.Please help I went out and bought 4 new remotes and it's doing the same thing too.