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Monday, December 24, 2007

Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve

One of the main things we wanted to do while in New York City on this trip was to ice skate in Rockefeller Center -- under the Christmas Tree and next to the sculpture of Prometheus. It's a time honored tradition that 250,000 of us tourists participate in each year.

While we were already planning to visit Rockefeller Center to ice skate on Christmas Eve day, an additional gift an extra day in New York due to weather to in Chicago made it the much more exciting -- this is because you could not have asked for a more beautiful day on the 24th of December -- clear, crisp and it was going to be 47 degrees. Amazing weather.
Ice Skating and the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center on New Year's Evein NYC
We arrived at Rockefeller Center shortly before 10:00am today and found the rink to be empty compared to how it had been in just two days before. Jumping in line, we knew the wait would be short since we were close and snapped a couple of pictures of the ice skaters finishing up their session.
View of the Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center as we wait in line on Christmas Eve Day in New York City
While in line, we met a nice couple from Cambridge, England in line who were also in NYC on holiday. We chatted with them while we watched the "Zamboni" resurface the ice.
Clean ice for our ice skating session at Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve Day with Pometheus in the background in Manhattan
Since we were now at the front of the line for the 10:30am session, we were one of the first ones inside to get our skates. We quickly paid the cost -- $53 for two adults and two ice skate rentals -- expensive, but worth it -- and we quickly laced up the skates tight and got out on the ice.
Ashley and Ken on the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve Day in New York
It took just a few minutes, but my ice skating experience (minimal) and mainly my rollerblading experience (a good amount) came back to me pretty quickly. Ashley also stabilized after the first couple turns around the rink. After we got comfortable, we snapped a few pictures -- and a couple of folks volunteed to take ours (shot above). We ended up staying out on the ice for a little over an hour before hanging up our skates and heading out.

Ice skating on the rink at Rockefeller Center is a great experience that is a must if you visit New York in November or December. It is a little more costly than Central or Bryant Parks, but it is full of history and a lot of fun!