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Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to Enter Motorola Bootloader Init Mode for the RAZR

This article a short tutorial on how to put your Motorola RAZR phone into the Bootloader mode and access the system and program settings you currently have on the device.

What is bootloader mode? It is mode that enables you to access all the software and setting on your Motorola RAZR or other Motorola cellular phones. It is similar to a BIOS or DOS mode on your computer where you can access and change the system settings.

What are the common uses for the bootloader? Backing up your entire Motorola Phone (link to how to guide) Restoring your Motorola Phone after a problem or botched hack (which I had to do yesterday, guide coming soon!). Changing your phone's software or applying monster packs. All of these things can be done via a USB data cable connection.

Here is how you access the Bootloader mode on your Motorola RAZR phone:

Note: You should be careful when in this configuration and ensure your phone is fully charged before performing any activities in the bootloader mode. If you are not, you can irreparably damage your phone. In addition, if you do not know what you are doing or following specific instructions you may harm your phone.

1. Turn your phone completely off. An alternate and confirmed method is to turn off the phone and completely remove the battery from your phone.

2. Hold down both the * (star symbol) and # (number, pound, hash symbol) and turn the phone back on.

3. The phone starts up with a text screen (shown below). Press ok to give you computer's USB data cable connection access to the phone. The text (on my phone) reads: Boot Loader 08.26 SW Version: R374_G_0E.42.1.5R Battery OK OK to Program Connect USB Data Cable.

Motorola Bootloader init for RAZR how to guide and screen shot
4. Congratulations, you are now in the Motorola RAZR's Bootloader configuration.

5. To exit the bootloader mode, simply power off your razr mobile phone or allow the software you are using to restart the phone.

Did this guide work for you? If so, let me know with a comment below!


Anonymous said...

how do i get out after?
i press the red button?
cos i did that...
and nothing..

Anonymous said...

I tried this and now it doesn't work!! HELP!

Ken Hanscom said...

If you are not able to exit the bootloader menu, all you need to do is pull the battery from your RAZR, wait 30 seconds and re-insert it. If you simply entered and exited without performing any actions, then the phone will come back on.


Anonymous said...

My phone died in middle of sending a text I plugged in to charge and now my phone is stuck in bootloader mode. Not sure why it even startsup n this mode. Ive took battery out changed sim cards and still cant get past. please help

Vyper said...

Bricked the phone. I can't exit bootloader screen, even after pulling battery for 5 minutes.

Carrier won't repair phone, said I "hacked it" and they won't fix.

Anonymous said...

Thank you... it worked fine for me. By the way, it worked with the MotoZine ZN5

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work for me.
i did all the steps but it didnt work. the screen didnt even show a boot loader or whatever it is.
sory 4 the english

Anonymous said...

To get out from boot screen try this:
hold star/pound/power buttons

it happened to my rokr e1 and it finally worked

*(if you do this more than 3 times and it doesnt turn on remove the battery and place it back and try again. If it still doesnt work your Software is damaged.