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Friday, December 21, 2007

Our First Day in New York and Lost Luggage Continued

Continued from the first half of the day, post is here.

Quickly 2:30 was approaching, so that meant that we needed to head over to the TKTS booth in the Marriot. Oddly, the central area where they are “supposed” to be building the new TFS/TKTS booth for theater tickets is still not built. It was under construction back in May of 2006 on our last trip to New York City.

We jumped in line at TKTS which was already wrapping twice with hopes of getting some pretty good tickets. A lot of shows were up on the board including Seafarer, Monty Python’s Spam-a-lot, Chicago, Rent, Mary Poppins, and Legally Blonde among others. The scene, as you may have experienced is more like a cattle drive and ensuing chaos. Once you make it to the main ticket area, you are left fighting to get to the front of the window. When we made our way to the farthest window (and shortest line), we choose Mary Poppins and ended up in the 19th row orchestra. (As the next two days would show – this was an excellent choice as Mary Poppins never showed back up on the TKTS boards the next two evenings)

Disney's Mary Poppins is playing on Broadway at the New Amsterdam theater in New York City
A little worn our from our previous night red-eye flight – we walked back to our room to take a nap. A little surprise greeted us when we arrived – our luggage still had not made it back to the hotel. I checked on the baggage check website for United and it showed it would arrive between 12:30pm and 6:30pm, which was good news since the show did not start until 7:30pm. Enough time to get ready.

We took a nap and work up around 5:30pm. Shortly after, we received a call from United’s 1K service to see if we had received the bags yet. After a quick conversation, the agent put a priority on our bags to get them to us by 6:30pm. Another call came at 6:30pm, but still no bags – she assured us they were very close and apologized for the inconvenience. At 6:40pm they made it – enough time for us to get ready for the show. The agent called again at 7:15pm to make sure we had received them – which was great. Overall, a great customer experience despite the delayed bags. (I still need to write a comment to United appreciating the dedication and follow-up of the employee)

Then we were on the show to see the Broadway production of Mary Poppins. Overall, it was a great all-around performance of the famous Disney movie. The sets and changes in costumes and props were impressive, as were the children and the tap dance scenes. We left the performance happy with our choice.

Inside of the New Amsterdam Theater for the Broadway production of Disney's Mary Poppins in New York City
Now for our dinner, based on some recommendations from people Ashley works with at The Cheesecake Factory Corporate offices – we had quite a list to go by. Not to mention the Zagats New York City guide. Our choice tonight was to try the DB Bistro Moderne, a very well rated place – although a little on the more pricy side.

The DB Bistro Moderne is famous for their DB burger which includes both a patty stuffed with short rib meat as well as truffles. At $32, this is one of the burgers that Carl’s Jr makes famous with their six-dollar burger commercials. (The DB Bistro also has $50 and $100 versions) This was Ashley’s choice with fries, while I choose the crispy duck confit. Both of us were impressed with our choices and I even stole a bit of Ashley’s $32 burger so I could say I tried it here.

DB Bistro Moderne in Manhattan, New York serves their famous $32 burger, the DB Burger.
The only disappointing thing was the wine I had. I choose a glass of Pinot Noir from New Zealand and it was ‘ok’. Not bad where you send it back, but not a good glass of wine either. Otherwise, the overall experience would have been highly recommended. It’s recommended, but if you are looking for a glass of wine, stay away from the Pinot Noir from New Zealand!

After our late dinner, we headed back to the room to get some rest and get ready for a big day tomorrow.