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Friday, December 21, 2007

Our First Day in New York and Lost Luggage

When we landed in Dulles (IAD) this morning, we already knew that that we would be missing our connecting flight to LaGuardia (LGA). We were already rebooked on a flight that left just an hour later than our original flight – putting us into LaGuardia right at 10:00am.

Just one problem when we arrived. Our luggage did not make it. Although United rebooked us, our luggage still made it on our earlier flight. The caveat being that the earlier flight actually had mechanical delays – it had not left Dulles yet. That meant that everyone from our flight was missing their luggage.

After speaking with the baggage folks, it was expected in a couple of hours and they would deliver it to our hotel.

We hopped into a cab and headed to our hotel, the Hilton New York – Times Square. 45 minutes later we made it through Friday morning traffic in the city and arrived at the Hilton.

The lobby for the hotel is around the 21st floor of the hotel, so we handed our bags to the doorman and headed on up. Early check-in was available and we ended up with a nice room on the top floor – the 44th.

The interior lobby of the hotel is not overly impressive – which is what we expected. There is a basic lobby, cafĂ© where meals are served and a small bar. It is more of a hotel that you use as home base rather than a place you spend a day or evening hanging out in. This is exactly what we planned to use it for.

Our room was nice, complete with a 37” widescreen television and a great view towards uptown where we could catch a glimpse of Times Square. The alternate view was downtown towards the Empire State building. The only downer was that there was no refrigerator to keep any leftovers in – only a mini-bar refrigerator.

After we got settled in, we realized how hungry we were. We ran down to Times Square to find something to eat that was not your normal everyday common restaurant like Olive Garden, Applebee’s, or even McDonalds that litter the square.

Our choice ended up being Maxie’s restaurant – we had taken out cheesecake desert a couple of years ago, but we had not eaten at this delicatessen. Upon opening the menu, I instantly remembered two things about Manhattan – one, anything that is near an area like Times Square or not a chain is expensive and two, any deli makes huge sandwiches. Ashley chose the 1 pound hard salami sandwich and I choose the meatball sandwich. Both were not only immense, but also very tasty.
Lunch at Maxie's Restaurant, Bar & Cafe in New York City's Time Square in Manhattan.  The entrance and signage on 7th Avenue
After Maxie’s we wandered around Times Square for a couple of hours window shopping, exploring the Toys-R-Us, complete with a Captain Jack Sparrow full-size Lego character.
Toys-R-Us in Times Square in New York City has a nice life size Lego built i nthe shape of Captain Jack Sparrow
On a side-note, it is really cold here. Even with multiple layers – which I am not used to, I am still a little cold. The main thing is that when it is getting windy, even that cuts through my jacket and I cannot wait for my luggage to get here with my beanie and gloves arrive – I need them.

Ok, this post is getting too long and I am splitting it in half. Click here to go the second part of the day.