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Sunday, December 23, 2007

New York City Vacation Day 3 - Churrascaria & Legally Blonde

Continued from the first part of our 3rd Day, that post is here.

Churrascaria Plataforma will be our single return visit restaurant from our last trip. It was recommended by my sister Kimberly and brother-in-law Dominic. Last time we did not plan our Brazilian barbeque experience too well. We were not overly hungry, filled up on the salad bar (and Ashley on the Flank Steak) and we came during the dinner time which got a little price at ~$55 a person.

This time we were prepared, and planned for the ~$33 a meal price. Interestingly, they also offer packages that include all the beer and wine you can drink at the same time – as long as it is within a two hour span. While that does not appeal to our tastes, it may to some!

Churrascaria Plataforma in New York City
We ate breakfast very early in the morning so we would be sufficiently hungry by the time our 3:00pm reservations for Churrascaria Plataforma came. In fact, we planned too well as we were so hungry by 2:30 that we just had to go in early. Luckily, there was plenty of space so they were able to accommodate us early.

The experience last time was good, but this time it was great. Focusing on the right foods and less salad bar this time – we enjoyed a wide range of food – Top Sirloin, Prime Rib, Bacon Wrapped Turkey, Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin, Sausage, more Top Sirloin, and then just a little bit of Flank Steak. All of the sides including broccoli, plantanes(friend bananas), meat sauce (salsa), cheese bread rolls, and rice were equally enjoyable. We spent the better part of an hour eating until we were more than full, and getting our money’s worth. The only part we missed out on was the garlic bread which happened to finally come out right as we were choosing to leave. Oh well, guess we will have to do that next time.

Churrascaria Plataforma is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants. It will be hard not to continue going back each time we go to New York.

After finishing up our meal, we decided to head back to Central Park for a horse drawn carriage ride. A carriage ride through Central Park has always been high on our list of items to do while in New York City. Last time, it did not work out for us based on our schedule, but we knew we would make it work this time.

Enjoying a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride through Central Park
It was a little damp out, but we noticed that the carriages had covers for them – so we got in “line” to get on a carriage. Quickly we realized, in true New York fashion that there was no line for the carriages and you had to flag one down at the return point to board. I grabbed the next carriage that came down, standing waiting to get in as the previous customers were still getting out.

The quick ~25 minute ride through the park was very enjoyable, especially in the evening as we passed by the scenery and the families walking through the park. We both had a great time and felt the $46 for the ride (including tip) was well worth it for one of those things you “have to do” in your lifetime.

Now for the highlight of the day. I will admit that I was somewhat skeptical about choosing the Broadway show “Legally Blonde”. There were a couple of others that I would have “preferred” to see – like Seafarer (not playing on Sunday) and Spam-a-Lot (dark for the holiday). That being said, “Legally Blonde” turned out to be the most fun that I have had at a show. It also helped being in the 3rd row and being close to the action.

Legally Blonde Theater on Broadway in Manhattan, New York City
A great mix of east coast / west coast humor, fun, silliness, and music – Legally Blonde was a great performance that had us laughing most of the time. Following a similar thread as the movie starring Reece Witherspoon, there are a couple of unique twists. It was a very fun show and had a couple of catchy numbers worth checking out.

The Stage at the Theater on Broadway for Legally Blonde
While I am surprised to say it, I would consider it a must see on your next visit – as I mentioned above, it is not the best I have seen (Wicked), but it was the most fun.