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Sunday, December 23, 2007

New York City Vacation Day 3 - The Fun Continues

Rain storms and showers. That is what we are expecting today in New York City. It looks pretty damp out there as we look out the window. Looks like we’ll be bringing out our rain coats in addition to all the other layers we are wearing. The only good news is that today’s temperature is supposed to warm by 10 degrees to near 50. Maybe we will not need so many layers.

Ken and Ashley visit with Santa Claus at Macy's New York
We started off today almost identically as we did yesterday with a quick trip down to TKTS again the corner of Front and John streets. The pickings were slimmer this time as many Broadway shows just have matinees today or are dark because of the holidays. Based on the availability, Legally Blonde was our clear cut choice. We were rewarded with third row seats – we know our aunt will be happy as she saw it several months ago and highly recommended it us.

Now that we have our evening entertainment taken care of, the next order business was to head to Macy’s at Herald Square to check out their Christmas windows and SantaLand.

Circling the building, the window that impresses me the most is the one that has a roller coaster that is Santa’s sleigh with reindeer that does a full loop, then a corkscrew on his way around the work. Unfortunately, the pictures did not come out too well.

Next, entering the building we were greeted with the thousands of Poinsettias that line the department store this time of year on our way up to the 8th floor to visit Santa. After getting in a relatively short line, we enter SantaLand that ends up with us getting a nice picture with Santa. The ‘elves” were even nice enough to take a picture with my Canon G7 which turns out a nicer shot than the ones in the package that they sell for $27. That was a welcome surprise.

Macy's New York Christmas decoration with thousands of Poinsettias

While in Macy’s, Ashley did a little shopping to bring herself home a couple of ornaments for the Christmas tree – which is a tradition of hers. A nice little snow globe and a stuffed snowman will compliment her collection well!

After we finished up at Macy’s we headed to Rockefeller Center to “kill” a little bit of time before we had our 3:00 reservations at Churrascaria Plataforma. The rain was not too bad but enough where Rockefeller was not overcrowded as it had been yesterday.

Daytime photo of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City
We were tempted to go ice skating – but figured our luck with the rain would end and we would get dumped on. After about 30 minutes, we were getting really hungry so we headed over for our reservations.

Rest of the day is continued in the post here.