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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ouch! I knew this would happen.

What is your first thought when you see the below picture? I know what mine was. Dangerous.

When we first moved into our new home six years ago I saw this storage area and thought -- someday I am going to smack myself upside the head on that closet system that is there.

In fact, everytime I have gone in there over the past six -- since we store most of our decorations for various holidays there -- I would always worry about it and be totally conscious each time I went in and out.

Of course on a couple of occassions I would glaze the edge and think to myself, "That was a close one. I really should put some foam or some padding on that corner."

But, I never did. Then came tonight.

I was scrambling through the house looking for my Gore-Tex hiking boots for our quick vacation this weekend to New York City. Searching all over the place, I was somewhat perplexed when I could not locate. On a last ditch effort, I decided to check this closet as there was a slight chance they could be in here.

After a couple of minutes, I turned around and SMACK. I knew I had done a little damage. It a matter of seconds I had a good amount of blood running down my face and I had to run to the bathroom to keep from getting blood all over the carpet.

As with most head wounds, they bleed quite a bit. And in this case -- with some nice swelling, I was also a little woozy from hit. Anyways, I am sure I will be feeling this tomorrow still. Here's a little shot of the damage:

Nothing too major, which may or may not leave a little scar. Guess I will not be able to keep cutting my hair this short for awhile.....

And, most importantly -- I think once I get back from New York I will definitely put some foam padding around that corner. Before I put ANY Christmas decorations away!


Sally said...

Try using pipe insulation, it comes as a tube with a split lengthwise and is made of the foam similar to a pool noodle. Cut a section, tape around it and you have a padded wire rack;)Sally