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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Travel to Salt Lake City & Orem, Utah

On my first trip to Salt Lake City eighteen months ago I left disappointed in the area. I was not sure what to expect, but from friends who lived there I had heard that the beauty of the area was amazing. As I flew in, it was not what I expected – as we came near the Great Salt Lake, it looked so desolate. Not just a desert, but with all the salt deposits it reminded me of a wasteland. My quick trip to an office downtown and then back to the airports did no help anything – it was dry, barren place that I did not really get (probably because I did not get into the mountains).

Mountain view from highway just outside of the SLC airport in Salt Lake City

Yesterday my trip to visit staff our office Orem, Utah was a little different. On my flight in, everything was dusted with snow over the weekend, so the entire place had been transformed. (Although I would not call it beauty, an impressive site is the open pit copper mine – make sure if you are flying from Los Angeles to sit on the left side of the plane.)

The mountains themselves, covered with snow seemed to stand out more prominently than before – impressive enough to me to snap a few shots during my drive to the office from Salt Lake City. Throughout my drive there were some decent sized peaks I believe the tallest is around 11,000 if I listened correctly, each unique in it’s shape and place.

Mountains covered with snow on way to Orem, Utah

So, my first impression has been changed a little towards appreciation from misunderstanding. While I did not take the time to go up into the mountains, I think I may need to plan a short getaway during a future trip!