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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

United EasyUpdate Saves the Day

I recently started using the EasyUpdate service that United airlines provides to give you the most up to date information on flight cancellations, delays, rebookings and other flight updates. Thus far I have only signed up for email alerts, but they also offer wireless and text message updates.

My experience so far has been a mixed bag in terms of the experience.

The first experience was while I was in Chicago and I signed up to get the latest information on delays for my flight to Cleveland given the mess that was happening in the Midwest on that Monday.

I was supposed to get notification of any changes that were greater than 15 minutes for the particular flight I was on. I know that the time on that particular day changed at least 5 times that met the criteria. However, I did not receive any updates. Basically, the service was no help.

Then, before our trip to New York, I decided to sign up for the broader service to see if it would make a difference.

It did.

Yesterday, when I woke up in the morning on what was going to be our last day in New York City – I noticed I had several emails from United’s EasyUpdate. Not only was our flight out at 5:00pm cancelled, but we were also rebooked on a 9:50am flight out of LaGuardia on Christmas day.

Without this information, it would have been very possible for Ashley and I to go throughout the day without knowing the status of our flight and still planning to head to the airport. Instead, we were able to call United to get on the flight we wanted and make the appropriate hotel arrangements for the extra night so we could spend the day in Manhattan worry free.

I will definitely continue to use United’s EasyUpdate service based on what happened yesterday!