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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Verizon FiOS IMG Update Released. No 1080i fix.

Verizon FiOS updated their Interactive Media Guide (IMG) on Thursday evening 12/12 as I had reported earlier. In our opinion, it was somewhat a calamity of errors, luckily nothing fatal.

First, let's discuss the timing. Why in the world would a company EVER roll out a release of DVR software in the middle of a prime-time evening is beyond me. Verizion FiOS should had done better planning and know this rather than doing an 8:00pm upgrade. It woudl seem they could have waited until midnight.

The outcome for us? It meant that we only saw the last 30 seconds of Survivor, only enough to see Pee-Gee get voted off -- missing the rest of the episode.

Also, while a number of features were added -- the biggest defect in the software was not fixed for the cable (fiber optic) television service. Once I learned about the upgrade and new features, I ran upstairs to my Vizio LCD Television to switch the FiOS mode from 720p to 1080i.

The results? Disappointing to say the least. The wonderful green line on the right side of the screen was there. The much promised fixed to the 1080i resolution problem for LCD and plasma television sets was not included in the upgrade.

So, what was in the upgrade? A couple of new features -- mainly eye candy for us, nothing that we would really use. However, if you are interested here is the complete update:

12/12/2007 09:01pm (IMG Update)

Welcome to your FiOS TV Message Center. We are pleased to inform you that your new interactive Media Guide IMG has just gotten even better! We've improved menu navigation, reliability, visual clarity, and instruction labels.

Due to popular demand we have introduced Reminders and Favorites. Reminders allow user without DVRs to set an alert for a future show so they won't miss their shows. To set a reminder from the TV Listings Guide, press Info to see the full screen information. On the information screen, select the menu Reminder to receive an alert 2 minutes before the program airs. You can set reminders in the full screen program information. Favorites provide you with an easy option to browse what's playing on your favorite channels. To set your favorite channels go to the Main Menu, access Settings, then select Favorites.

In addition, you can order your favorite subscription package like HBO or Cinemax with the click of your remote control. Just tune to the channel you want to watch, press OK to subscribe and follow the directions to get more information or order now. All the channels included in the package will be available within a couple of minutes.

NOTE: The feature does not automatically establish a PIN for you. Please visit your Parental Control screen and setup a PIN which can be used to stop unwanted orders from being placed.

These features are just the beginning. You will continue to see new features and enhancement as we continue to improve your FiOS TV Experience.

Your FiOS TV Team