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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64)

As I continue to bring my new machine up to speed and meet the various needs, I recently installed Cingular’s build of RIM’s Blackberry Desktop Manager for the Blackberry 8800. The only need that I have to connect my Blackberry 8800 cell phone to my computer at home in addition to my work machine it to be able to charge off of a USB 2.0 cable. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate a stand alone USB charger driver for the Blackberry. So, I was forced to install the entire Blackberry Desktop Manager software.

The installation process on Microsoft Vista was smooth. No warnings about incompatibilities or any other error messages. The only problem I encountered is that initially when I plugged my Blackberry in, I received a message that the power from the USB port was not sufficient to charge my device. What made that a little confusing was that the battery icon showed that it was connected and charging, which is not the usual behavior. However, after a reboot – everything seemed to work fine!

Here are the step by step instructions:

1. Select the language that you would like to install the software for.

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Manager Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64) Step 1

2. The installer will validate the readiness of you computer to accepts the installation of the Blackberry 8800 Setup.

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Manager Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64) Step 2

3. You're welcomed to the InstallShield Wizard for the Blackberry v4.2.1 Desktop Manager software for the 8800 Series Wirless Handheld. Click 'next' to continue.

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Manager Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64) Step  3

4. Confirm your country (USA) and click 'Next'.

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Manager Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64) Step 4

5. Accept the Blackberry End User / Software License Agreement and click 'Next'.

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Manager Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64) Step 5

6. Installation with configure you machine and install the necessary files.

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Manager Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64) Step 6

7. Upon completion, the wizard will ask you if you want to open the application loader. I selected 'No' and clicked on 'Finish' to complete the installation.

Blackberry 8800 Desktop Manager Client Installation for Microsoft Vista 64-bit (x64) Step 7

Congratulations, the installation is now complete and you can charge your Blackberry on your Windows Vista 64-bit (x64) system!

Guide, Manual, Installation, Install, Tutorial, Step-by-Step, How to, Instructions

This guide is compatible with or the compatibility includes: BlackBerry 8800 and Blackberry 8830.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How to Install Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B on Vista

I am continuing to get my new Dell E520 computer setup with the latest software and drivers. The most recent upgrade is for my Canon Photo Software that supports both my Canon SD 800 IS and my Canon G7 digital cameras. The version that shipped with my most updated camera (SD800 IS) was version 5.7 of the ZoomBrowser EX, which enables the download and integration of photos from your camera automatically. After doing a quick check on the Canon site, I learned that the version had been recently upgraded to the Canon ZoomBrowser EX version 5.8B.

So, I downloaded the update and installed it on my machine -- confirming that it is compatible with Windows Vista. Here are the installation steps:

1. Select the region for which you will be installing the software. I selected "USA, Canada, South America."
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B for Canon G7 and Canon SD800 IS Step 1

2. The installation will ask you to close any open applications before installing ZoomBrowser EX 5.8 Updater. Close any applications and click on 'ok.'
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B for Canon G7 and Canon SD800 IS Step 2

3. Now agree to the license agreement by clicking on "Yes".
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B for Canon G7 and Canon SD800 IS Step 3

4. The software prepares the installation.
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B for Canon G7 and Canon SD800 IS Step 4

5. Installation continues for the Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8 Updater and provides an estimate of the time remaining.
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B for Canon G7 and Canon SD800 IS Step 5

6. The installation will confirm it installed the Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8 Updater correctly. Click on 'Next.'
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B for Canon G7 and Canon SD800 IS Step 6

7. In order to complete the installation of the free software, you will need to restart your computer. Click on the checkbox for "Restart computer immediately" and then click on the Restart button.
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.8B for Canon G7 and Canon SD800 IS Step 7

Congratulations, you have completed the installation successfully!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blackberry 8800 - Google Mobile Maps and GPS Now Available!

Wow, Google now has GPS enabled Google Maps for Mobile (GMM) available for the Blackberry 8800 smartphone for Cingular! I had recently mentioned in an initial installation of Google Mobile that I thought it was simply a matter of time until Google would figure it out and build the software to access the internal GPS in the Blackberry 8800 mobile phone.

Ironically, I had just recently download and installed TeleNav for Blackberry with the free 30-day trial that comes with it -- not to mention a pending post. Now, I will need to give the Google Maps for Mobile with GPS a try and see see how it goes. This is very exciting and you can be sure I will be trying it out and reporting back soon!

Here are the details from Google:

You Are Here — Even when you're lost, you'll always know where you are. Your location appears on the map itself, and moves as you do (you're the blue dot ).

Where's the nearest... — Find what's around you without entering your local information. Don't know the zip code of an area? No problem. Maps will look up listings around you, so you can get that cup of coffee, late-night pizza, or last-minute bouquet.

Is there traffic up ahead? — Plan your route in advance with traffic updates + GPS. See where traffic starts relative to your current location, and avoid delays.

How do I get there from where I am? — Get directions to where you're going without needing to type in your local info. Save time (and avoid sore thumbs).

In all, sounds like a very exciting and competitive package. I wonder if there is a nice voice that can be used to direct you as well?

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blackberry - Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide

Anyone who has a Blackberry knows the basic "Browser" that comes with your device, the Blackberry Browser. However, once you spend any amount of time with it -- you quickly learn that it really lacks a lot of features and functionality that you might expect from any web or internet browser software. Perhaps the most glaring problem is the lack of support for any frames, and especially iframes that sites like Google (AdWords, AdSense) and other use. In fact, it can be very frustrating.

This is where the Opera Mini Browser comes into play. Not only is the software free given that it is open source, but it also fully featured. An example of features include: Start page, Navigation, Search Engines, Bookmarks, History, Downloads, RSS feeds, Photo sharing, Shortcuts, Content folding, Secure connection, & Settings. In addition, it does support frames including iframes. So if you have the need for this such as a Microsoft Exchange OWA (Outlook Web Access) or Google type site -- then this is great browser for you!

This guide will take you through the download and installation process on your Blackberry. This guide works with most current Blackberry versions including the Blackberry 8800 series (8800 & 8830), Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry 8300, Blackberry 8700, and Blackberry 7100 series of phones. Here is the step-by-step.

1. On your Blackberry Deice, click on the MEdia.Net browser (if you have Cingular) or the other Blackberry Browser.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 1

2. Allow the home page of the browser to load before proceeding.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 2

3. On the menu, choose the "Go To..." option and type in in your Blackberry browser and click ok.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 3

4. From the choose the 'Download Opera Mini' and proceed.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 4

5. From the Blackberry download screen, confirm tha tyou are download Opera Mini version 3.1, approximately 144k and click on the 'Download' button.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 5

6. The browser will download the Opera Mini Browser and should take less than 1 minute, depending on your connection speed.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 6

7. The Opera Mini Browser is not "Blackberry" signed, so you receive the following prompt: "This application does not contain a signature. It might not be from a trusted source. Do you want to proceed?" Select and click on 'Yes'.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 7

8. The Opera Mini Browser completes the installation on your Blackberry. Click on 'ok' to continue.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 8

9. Once returned to the menu, the new red 'O' icon for the Opera Mini Browser appears. Click on it to load and configure.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 9

10. Opera Mini browser loads.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 10

11. In order to generate the security encryption information, either move your click-wheel or trackball to give the Opera Mini browser the information it needs.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 11

12. Click on 'OK' to begin the netowrk setup for the Opera Mini Browser.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 12

13. The Blackberry will prompt you to enable communication via the Opera Mini Browser. Click both checkboxes and select the 'Allow this connection' option and click to confirm.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 13

14. A series of tests are peformend by the Opera Mini Browser to confirm your setup. This process takes approximately 30 seconds.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 14

15. Setup will confirm that it was successfully complete. Click on 'OK' to confirm.

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 15

16. Congratulations, you are now ready to use your Opera Mini browser!

Blackberry Opera Mini Browser Installation Guide 16

Guide, Manual, Installation, Install, Tutorial, Step-by-Step, How to, Instructions

This guide is compatible with or the compatibility includes: BlackBerry 7750, BlackBerry 7510, BlackBerry 7280, BlackBerry 7780, BlackBerry 7130e, BlackBerry 8700g, BlackBerry 8700r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7100v, BlackBerry 8700v, BlackBerry 7230, BlackBerry 7250, RIM 957, BlackBerry 8700f, BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7520, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7290, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7130g, BlackBerry 7100x, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7130v, BlackBerry 8700c, BlackBerry 8707v, RIM 850, BlackBerry 7730, Blackberry 8700, Blackberry 8800, Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry 8705g, Blackberry 8703e

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Ronald Reagan Library: Air Force One Boeing’s 707

This past weekend we headed to the Ronald Regan Library in Simi Valley, California to visit for the first time in several years. The last time we went to the library President Reagan was still alive, their special display was Reagan through the years in terms all his media memorabilia, and the Air Force One hanger was yet to be opened. This time, Ashley and I were able to enjoy the company of my parents who were joining us over the Mother’s Day Weekend – it was also their first visit.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is an experience, but it is more than that. It is a legacy to a man who led the free-world into the most productive era in the history of the world. The fact is the man, who struggled with the same disease that both of my Grandmothers struggles with – Alzheimer’s – was impressive in stature and accomplishments and visiting the library brings back the memories of the man that was Ronald Reagan.

Our first stop was in the garden behind the library, the same garden where a piece of the Berlin Wall that Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down in the late 80’s at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. In addition, the lawn there is an exact replica of the lawn from the south side of the White House, in Washington, DC. Then, the area that requires the greatest reverence is the tomb where President Ronald Reagan is buried. Given the memories of his processional to the Simi Valley burned in my mind, it was honoring to visit the place where he is buried.

Berlin Wall at Ronald Reagan's Presidential Library

After we wandered around the outside garden, we headed in to tour the museum. Mother’s Day weekend was the last weekend of the “Red Dress” exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library. We enjoyed the display of the Red Dresses which included Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush, and Barbara Bush among others. Next, we watched the video which covered both the Ronnie & Nancy’s political lives. Then we journeyed through the Reagan political career, starting first when he was a child and going through his first and second terms in office. There were also some great videos covering his handling of the Air Traffic Controllers’ strike in 1981, as well as the shooting of President Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library's Red Dress Library display

Then, the new edition to the library, the coverage of the Boeing 707 aircraft – the first Air Force One that was in service until the early 90’s and carried Reagan all around the world. While the aircraft is in absolutely pristine condition, it is a reminder of how far we have come as a society in the past 20 years. Walking through, I realized that the aircrafts that we fly in today – including my India trip are much larger and have far more amenities than even the President of the United States in back in the 1980’s.

Air Force One, Boeing 707 at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

While the Boeing 707 was a four engine aircraft, it was surprisingly small on the inside. In some ways, the cabin did not feel much larger than the current generation of the 737 aircraft. The 707, when walking by the President’s quarters you actually have to shrink down to fit as it is very tight against the side of the aircraft. When looking at the seats, while leather seem a little 80ish. And most intriguing was the command and control center which have “analog” phones and laptops three times the size of what we see today.

Continuing the tour, we saw the actual vehicles for the Secret Service that escorted the presidential limo on its many trips. The only thing that seemed somewhat modernized was the Marine One helicopter. Perhaps this is because the current generation should support our President in their travels through 2010 and beyond.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library with the Air Force One aircraft is impressive; you should visit it if you have not done so already.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

P2K Tools Download and Comparison Guide

On the most recent version of P2K Commander, there is a very interesting document which talks about the various programs that are available to hack or mod (modify) your V3 RAZR or other P2K phone. The document describes the various programs and compares their functionality. I have reproduced it, along with links to the available softwares should you want to download them and try it yourself.

Available software:

P2kman download (also called P2K Manager or P2K Phone Manager)
available here.
FlexEditor download (also called Leader GL Flex Editor XP) available here.
Moto4lin download available here.
TC Plugins Manager download (also known as Total Commander) available here.
P2K Commander 4.9.C Download and Instructions available here.

cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">

P2KMan FlexEditor moto4lin TC plugin P2kCommander
Manage Files 1st Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Panel Display No No No Yes 1st
Smart Refresh No No No Yes 1st
Create Field No Yes Yes No 1st
3G Phone Support No 1st Yes Yes Yes
CDMA Phone Support No No Non No 1st
Multiple Partitions No No 1st No Yes
Create Field on /b No No No No 1st
RIZR Z3 No No No No 1st
P2k 05


No No No No 1st

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dell Printer 924 64-bit Drivers for All-In-One Photo Printer x64

As I continue in my first foray into the 64-bit (x64) operating system world, specifically with Microsoft Windows Vista – there are a number of things that you run into. Probably the most concerning is that there is some difficulty in obtaining 64-bit / x64 drivers for many of the products that you have. In fact if a device or peripheral that you have is older than a year or two, you may simply not be able to use it with your new 64-bit / x64 system. That brings me to today’s problem, with my Dell Photo Printer 924 – an All-In-One printer.

Finding 64-bit drivers is not the easiest thing in the world. If you simply go to Dell’s support site and go through their product finder to download drivers for your Photo 924 Printer, you will only be pointed to the x86 / 32-bit driver application which will not work on your Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit / x64 system. Unfortunately, the only way to find them easily is to search via Google.

Via Google, I was able to locate the drivers on the Dell website. In fact you can find them here. Just download them and the installation is smooth. Best of luck!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Google Toolbar 64-bit Internet Explorer Support (x64)

Ok, so I have the great new computer – the Dell E520 which is the first x64 (64-bit) system that I have owned. In the midst of all that excitement of improved performance and productivity, I assumed that most software tools were available in the x64 (64-bit) architecture since x64 Windows XP Professional had been available for some time. As you may know, I sure was fooled.

Today, I began setting up my new machine running x64 (64-bit) Windows Vista and noticed that Internet Explorer 64-bit was available. Great, I WANT to use that one, it must be better. Upon opening, I noticed the Google Toolbar was not available. What? Ok, so I right-click to see the available toolbars for Internet Explorer 64-bit – no Google Toolbar. Then, I went back to Google to see if there was an additional download for x64 and I did not see any. I attempted to install the standard Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer 64-bit, and received an error message.

A quick scan of Microsoft’s website led me to this particular knowledge base (KB) article which describes the support of various toolbars in Internet Explorer 64-bit. The bottom line is that most, including the Google Toolbar do not support the x64 version of Internet Explorer. Complete downer, for one – I cannot believe that Google has not build the x64 version of the Google Toolbar, and two I cannot believe Microsoft did not do a better job of making sure the other toolbars supported Internet Explorer 64-bit.

For now, looks like I will be moving back to the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer (x86). Unfortunately, I am too tied to the Google Toolbar right now and would rather deal with currently unnoticed performance than live without it. Hopefully Google will get its act together soon with the Google Toolbar.

On another note, I still yet to install Apple’s iTunes on my computer. The rumor is that there is problems with that and Vista – we’ll see!

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Blackberry Contacts, Tasks, & Memos will not Synchronize Wireless

One of the best features of the Blackberry is the ability for you to synchronize (sync) wirelessly all of your information from Microsoft Outlook including emails, calendar, tasks, and memos. This feature is most commonly used when an organization has implemented the Blackberry Enterprise Server, or BES for short. Once your Blackberry is enabled for wireless sync, you virtually never have to tether, dock, or cradle the Blackberry to yor computer because the wireless synchronization does it all for you.

Until recently, my Blackberry 8800 had the wireless synchronization down pat. Anytime I made a change to a calendar, contact, memo, or task item it would almost immediately update to my device – insuring that I always had the most current information. Then, one day a couple of weeks ago I updated a contact of a friend that had moved. After I saved the change in Outlook, I left the office and went to place a call to my friend. Oddly, the contact information never updated, so I was without a phone number to make the call.

Remembering a problem I had a few months ago with my calendar syncing during the Daylight Savings patch (DST), I went to the Contacts icon on my Blackberry and selected options. Generally speaking, there should be an option there called “Wireless Synchronization” where you can change the option to “Yes” or “No” to enable/disable the sync. Oddly, it was not even there. Thinking I had lost my mind, I went to the Calendar options and yes, it was there. Something was definitely out of sync – no pun intended.

I will describe everything I tried that did not work, but what you probably really want to know how it was fixed. A simple call to the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) Administrator did the trick. The administrator reset my Enterprise Activation (EA) for the Blackberry device and I waited approximately 10 minutes for the Enterprise Activation complete. After that provided the finished message, it had not synched down the Contacts, Memo, or Taskpad. However, I then performed what some folks call the 3-finger salute and restarted the Blackberry device by holding ALT+CAP+DEL at the same time. After performing the soft reset, the Blackberry returned to normal functioning – Contacts, Memos, & Taskpad items were all synchronized and the “Wireless Synchronization” configuration in the options was available again.

The root cause remains unknown although after doing some searching – it appears that there are a couple of likely reasons for the occurrence. A lot of devices that had the Blackberry DST patch applied had the issue. In addition, a corrupt service book or an incomplete Enterprise Activation coupled with potentially large call logs seems to be the main theme for those inflicted with the issue. The good news is that the problem is easy to resolve.

In case you are interested, here are a few of the things I attempted without success:
- Attempt to synchronize using the Blackberry Desktop Manager and changing the mode to desktop sync. Oddly, RIM still only indicates via the Desktop Manager that Wireless Synchronization is only available for the Calendar.
- Stopped and restarted the Wireless Synchronization option on the Calendar several times with the hope that it would cause a request for the service book again.
- Upgraded the Desktop Manager Client to Version 4.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) just released in April.
- Cleared the Contacts via the Backup / Restore option in Blackberry Desktop Manager

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Dell Dimension E520 Purchase with Windows Vista

A couple of weeks ago, I posted negatively on Dell based on a recent coupon experience and difficulty in some of their new navigation elements when configuring a system. Today I sit with a slightly different perspective having just received the Dell Dimension 520 that I ordered last week.

What changed my mind? Well, I am not sure if my mind or opinion has greatly changed since that first post. However, the impact on my wallet definitely changed. I had the nice fortune of coming across a coupon for $300 off any Dell Dimension E520 purchase of $1,000 or more and went for it given that it was practically 30% off the purchase price. In addition, I used their "Switch to List View" to configure the computer which made the process smooth. In addition, my current computer did not have a capacity to run any of the applications I have recently had interest, including Microsoft's Virual PC 2007

What did I end up getting? Given the price range (and a couple of outside Dell add-ons), I was able to put together a pretty powerful package for a reasonable cost.

Here are the details:
- 222-8901 Dimension E520, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6420 (2.13GHZ,1066FSB) with 4MB cache
- 311-6461 3GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz (1GB DDR2 SDRAM came with the computer, and for $80, picked up an additional 2GB of Kingston PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM from Outpost. Dell wanted an extra $100 for only 1 more GB)
- 320-5089 256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro
- 341-4211 250GB SATA II Hard Drive (7200RPM)
- 341-3867 Dell 13 in 1 Media Card Reader
- 430-0441 Integrated 10/100 Ethernet
- 313-4427 56K PCI Data Fax Modem
- 313-4583 16X DVD-ROM and 16X DVD+/-RW
- 313-5013 Sound Blaster Audigy MB Audio
- 310-8164 Dell USB KEYBOARD
- 310-7966 Dell Optical USB Mouse

In the next few days, I will be configuring away at the machine including re-installing the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System as I never like how they come from the factory. In the future, the majority of the posts should be produced by the new Dell Dimension E520. Comments and experiences to follow!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

24 – Does this make any sense to you? Monday 5/14

Does this season of Fox's 24 make any sense to you? I know I am struggling with it.

This season of 24 has been probably the most disappointing of the ones that I have watched so far. The plot is so messed up at this point that while still entertaining – it has taken a major step back. I am still not sure what I am supposed to care about this season. There are way too many storylines and complications here and none of them have been fully developed.

Here are some of the major storylines and the lack of resolution:
- How the heck is Wayne Palmer doing? Isn’t he the President of the United States?
- We were attacked by some fanatic members of an Islamic group
- In Santa Clarita, CA a nuclear bomb was detonated
- Jack Bauer is back after several years in Chinese control
- Audrey Raines mysteriously dies while looking for Jack and appears disheveled from torture and promptly is escorted off by here father James Heller.
- Chinese authorities are trying to capture Russian military technology on US soil
- Chinese authorities attack CTU in order to make an attempt to kidnap Jack Bauer’s nephew.
- A fling between the Vice President and his aide is revealed along with her affair with a known Russian spy
- Jack’s father, Philip Bauer is still deeply engaged in this espionage / treason trying to sell military technology and get a hold of his grandson. This week we finished with CTU kidnapping him from Jack after he rescued him from the Chinese attackers.

As you can see, there is way too much going on, even for an episode of the television show 24. With only a few episodes left, there is way too much to tie together to finish it all. While it is still one of the better shows on television, this should not go down as one of best seasons of 24.

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Motorola for Phone Support Tool PST 7.2.5 Patch Installation Guide for Windows XP

This guide will briefly walk you the process to install the patch for the Motorola Phone Programmer, also call the Motorola Phone Support Tool or PST for short. This patch is required in order to enable the support of Motorola PST Phone Programmer version 7.2.5 / 7.25 on your computer. If you have not already installed the Motorola Phone Support Tool on your computer, then the tutorial on the installation is available here.

Here is the step-by-step instructions that will show you how to install the patch. This guide was performed on Windows XP, although it may be compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows Vista.

1. The patch is called pst_uni_patch.exe, which stands for Phone Support Tools Universal Patch and can be extracted from the downloaded RAR file described here.

2. Copy the patch to the folder where you installed the Motorola PST Phone Programmer version 7.2.5 to. By default, it is installed in C:\Program Files\Motorola\PST. This is where I ran my installation from.

3. Double-click the pst_uni.patch.exe to initiate the installation of the patch.

4. The patch starts up and tells you it is ready to patch step 1 of 6. The first file is NVMcommon.dll, and leave the "Make a backup when possible" box checked. Click next.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 1

5. The patch will confirm NVMcomm.dll successfully patched, 42 bytes written. Click 'OK'.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 2

6. The next file to be patched is pst.dll, step 2 of 6. Click on 'Next'.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 3

7. The patch will confirm pst.dll successfully patched, 44 bytes written. Click 'OK'.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 4

8. Next file to be patched is pst_fp_flash.dll. Click on 'Next' to patch step 3 of 6.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 5

9. The patch will confirm pst_fp_flash.dll successfully patched, 36 bytes written. Click 'OK'.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 6

10. The next file to be patched is the P2KDataLogger.exe. Click 'next' to patch, step 4 of 6.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 7

11. The patch will confirm P2KDataLogger.exe successfully patched, 50 bytes written. Click 'OK'.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 8

12. The next file to be patched is Ut_nvm.exe, click 'next' to patch, step 5 of 6.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 9

13. The patch will confirm Ut_nvm.exe successfully patched, 34 bytes written. Click 'OK'.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 10

14. The last file to be patched is MultiFlashFlex.exe. Click 'Finish' to patch, step 6 of 6.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 11

15. The patch will confirm MultiFlashFlex.exe successfully patched, 44 bytes written. Click 'OK' to finish the patch process.
Motorola PST Phone Support Tool Programmer Install Guide 12

Congratulations, you have now completed patching your Motorola PST Phone Programmer with PST Universal Patch by M2teusz. You should now be able to use the tool.

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Motorola Phone Support Tool PST 7.2.5 Installation Guide for Windows XP

This guide will briefly walk you through the process to install the Motorola Phone Programmer, also call the Motorola Phone Support Tool or PST for short. The generally available version is 7.25, or 7.2.5 depending on how you like to number your versions. The instructions or tutorial assume that you have already downloaded this version, 7.2.5 of the Motorola PST Phone Programmer tool. If you have not, the information for the download is available here.

The following steps will help enable you to install the software required to run the Motorola Phone Support Tool for programming your Motorola mobile phone. This guide was performed on Windows XP, although it may be compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows Vista.

1. Double-click the file PST_7.2.5_GENERAL.EXE - this will launch the installer for the Motorola PST version 7.2.5.

2. Read and agree to the license agreement. If you agree, click on the 'Yes' button.
Motorola Phone Support Tool PST Phone Programmer Install Picture 1

3. The Motorola PST Phone Programmer version 7.2.5 will initiate the installation to install the approporiate drivers and software.
Motorola Phone Support Tool PST Phone Programmer Install Picture 2

4. Upon completion of the installation, the software will prompt you to reboot your computer. You must restart your computer before attempting to use the tool. Reboot your machine.
Motorola Phone Support Tool PST Phone Programmer Install Picture 3

5. You are not done yet. You must install a patch before this will work on your device. Instructions for installing the patch can be found here.

Congratulations, you should now be able to connect your Motorola phone to the Motorola PST Phone Programmer Tool, version 7.25.

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P2K Commander 4.9.C Available For Download and Installation

A new version of the P2K Commander software for your Motorola V3 phone is now available. Recently released is the new version, This version is also known as P2KCommander 4.9C, and is available for installation with basic instructions from here.

The most recent package while significantly larger than the last few at 296k appears to have a couple of files repeated in it, rather than some new or additional installations. In addition, if you do not have the drivers for P2K Commander, then you will also want to download version 4.0.0 in the file as it contains the necessary drivers. You can get that here.

Version 4.9.C seems to me mainly a very minor point release with the following enhancements from Version 4.9.A:

  • Searchable seem functions via the F6 key
  • Updated seem bit tables

Also remember the keyboard accelerators or hot keys:

  • Tab: switch active panel (left/right)
  • Alt-F1 , Alt-F2 : drive select
  • Alt-R : RereadBackspace: goto parentdir
  • F2: set file attributes (p2k filesystem)
  • F3: view file (using lister or if not found, notepad)
  • F4: edit with notepad
  • F5: copy
  • F7: create a directory
  • F8 , Del : delete a file
  • F9: restart p2k phone
  • F10: exit
  • Press starting letter to jump a file.

Below is a complete version history of P2K Commander from the ChangeLog.txt:

Tooltips added.
watermark wallpaper for listviews.
New hotkey Alt-R for reread, Commands from menu.Maximize!
Reduced flickers when resize. Increasing filename column width if possible.
URL Hyperlinks in aboutbox. Drivelist with names. Restart menu/F9. Bugfixes
Correct checkmarking in limit menu. Reduced flickering when resize.
Satus bar with phone info. Refreshed after actions! Attrib dialog works on one file.
Progressbar while copying up/down.
Size optimization (using jpg images).New icons from Pagefusion.
With amazing SmartRefresh !!! (after createdir and upload file).
It works with multiple files also!
New Options dialog with trackbar to limit files (instead of limit files menupoint).
SmartRefresh for deleting file(s).
Real stupid bug fixed in Attrib dialog. Setting attrib now works!
SmartRefresh after Attrib works now!
Fade-in/out. New look for drive select combobox. Backspace bring to parentdir.
ascending/descending indicators on listview column headings
Some minor bugs fixed. Make parentdir always top of list!
splitterbar between left and right panel, rightclick context menu on rightclicking filenames
Easyer half of Drag'n drop: Dropping one file from external app, and CTRL-V/Paste works.
2005.05.06. Friday
WHOOOOOAAAAA First succesful attempt to get filelist from 3G phone !!!!!
This is my own another low level p2k code. Not Vilko's source.
Thanks to Bo Kamp Dudek, to execute experiment on his phone.(I have no 3G phone).
New options: FadeIn/Out, and the new P2k3G routines (works on e1000 too).
Warning if file limit is not "unlimited".
File association to *.p2kc batch files via creating registry entries.
Execution dialog to process *.p2kc batch files. Almost done. See the "Future section"
CDMA/Brew phones like V265,V262,T710
Multiple partitions tflash and /c in i398
Noob alerts on/off in options menu
OCSI experimental code
OCSI bugfix,write activity logfile
OCSI: file delete command,phone powercycle optional
Fixed win2000 bug!
check if s4m is installed,if not s4m filetype associated,and executed,warning msg drop.
autoupdate from net. P2kAutostart included.
P2kAutostart fully integrated.
------V3.2.5---- and V3.2.6
Many bugfixes
Bugfix (setting current directory)
Start to rewrite p2k routines to multithreading
More multithreading. You can close wait window, and browse filesystem while loading filenames!
Can read /e partition.
3.3.2 remember window size,pos,drives,filter
Set COM port manually
Separated messages file
Attributes can be entered as hex number (experts only!)
Remember folders.
FileFilter filecount fix
p2k05 usb packet log and interfaceindex introduced
RIZR Z3 and L7e are works now
0 files found bug fixed
new p2kautostart
compatible with new 2.6.2 drivers
Seem manager
w2k bug fixed, before upload you can change destination path
w2k bug fixed when drivelist items >10
p2k05 is starting, can read phone model/status
getting filelist, read files/seems
write files !!!!
new volume selector and log window, gui polished
manual volume setting, view on p2k drive
suspend bug fixed
p2k05 autodetect
brand new seem manager
w2k fixes,seem preview with xwi32
if you save data in xvi32 will upload seem data
seem bit function scriptable see scripting.txt
seem and file editing on-the-fly with xvi32
after saving data p2kc will upload it.
scripting: download seems
smartrefresh bug fixed
can handle new fs with V3xx /e
searchable seem functions (F6)
Updated seem bit tables

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

David Stern on Dan Patrick’s show regarding suspensions

I listened to the podcast of Dan Patrick’s show today where David Stern argued with Dan Patrick about the decision to suspend Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw of the Phoenix Suns. David Stern comes off sounding like a complete jerk and looking like an even bigger idiot. It’s a shame the way that David Stern and Stu Jackson have made themselves bigger than the game. Have they ruined the series? Who knows. What is clear is that the entire public (other than San Antonio fans) are questioning their integrity. I know that I am.

Some say that the rule is black and white and there in no room for interpretation. However, Stu Jackson and David Stern were in direct violation of that and guilty of a large hypocrisy in not suspending Tim Duncan for Game 5. There is no question that Tim Duncan left the bench area, the only place for interpretation was whether there was an altercation. By simply clarifying or defining that, Stu & David compromised their position and unfortunately the leagues' integrity.

While Stu Jackson made the ruling, David Stern had every opportunity to overturn it. Rather than making a bold move and differing from the opinion of the useless Stu Jackson, he conformed and continues to ruin this league every day that he is in charge of it. Only earlier this year after be adamant about the new “leatherette” NBA basketball being a necessity, only to renege a couple months later and restore the real ball back to the NBA. When David looks back on this decision a few months from now, there is no doubt that he will regret it.

Unfortunately the saddest part for me in this incident was the fact that Robert Horry was involved. A cagey veteran, I’ve always been a big fan. Being a Lakers fan, how can I not be?

On the same note, the hypocrisy in the commissioner’s office continues to amaze me. How has Bruce Bowen avoided being suspended for at least one game in this series? Was Kobe Bryant not suspended twice this year for an unnatural shooting motion where he caught a couple of players with inadvertent elbows? How anyone can say either his knee to Steve Nash’s crotch area or the attempt to injure Amare Stoudemire during a dunk were anything other than “unnatural” is beyond me. Preferential treatment for the league’s dirtiest player dumbfounds me. Had Kobe Bryant performed either of these antics, there is no doubt the suspension would have been quick and harsh. Shame on David Stern and Stu Jackson.

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Survivor Fiji Finale, Dreamz takes our breath away

There were two main questions being asked before the Survivor Fiji finale tonight. The first was, would Dreamz win immunity in the final four? The second, would he make the decision to keep his word and hand over the necklace to Yau-Man? We received the answers to both of these questions this evening and there were definitely some surprises.

The first immunity challenge went almost as if it was scripted. Yau-Man pulled of the win in the blindfold maze where the contestants had to find their way to a key, unlock it, then open a bridge gate to move onto the next phase. Dreamz pulled in a close second, and Boo was third. In almost perfect orchestration, at tribal council – Boo was voted out. While he made case for Dreamz, Dreamz was still important to Yau-Man and that sealed Boo’s fate.

The second immunity challenge of the night was the most interesting. A test of endurance and strength, it was clearly something that Dreamz was well suited for at this point in the game. The challenge itself seemed to setup Dreamz perfectly to make a decision based on his promise. Dreamz did win the challenge with Yau-Man finishing second.

Let’s fast forward to the tribal council. The biggest question seemed to be whether or not Dreamz would keep his immunity necklace rather than handing it over to Yau-Man as good faith “payment” for the Ford F350 truck that Yau-Man had given to Dreamz. After what seemed like a minute of contemplating, Dreamz decided to keep the necklace and Yau-Man was voted out, perhaps the biggest surprise in Survivor history. There had been so much build-up and visible struggle in Dreamz face and he ended up going back on his word.

What was Dreamz thinking? With that action, he effectively choose the winner between Earl and Yau-Man and eliminated himself from any chance of winning the one million ($1M) dollar Survivor Fiji prize. Given his previous conniving, I would have expected more from Dreamz. Why did he no just go to Yau-Man and renegotiate (or negotiate better in the first place) that Yau-Man would give his word that he would vote with Dreamz during the final four. Dreamz may have still had an opportunity.

At the final tribal council I was surprised by the venom being spewed from the mouths of the other contestants. Many of them definitely felt that they were better players than they were and they took it personally. In fact, with some of their comments I would go as far as calling it bad sportsmanship. These guys were clearly outwitted in many cases, and they were visibly upset over that. The name of the game is Outplay, Outwit, Outlast.

In the end, it became clear that Cassandra and Dreamz really had no chance. It was no surprise during the live finale that Earl won. The only news was that for the first time ever, Survivor Fiji produced the first unanimous choice winner, Earl. The only bummer – most said that had Yau-Man made the last three, he would have been the clear winner.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PST Phone Programmer Download and Install

One of the most sought after software programs for the Motorola phones with P2K compatibilty is the Motorola PST Phone Programmer that allows you to flash or flex your phone. The reason for the popularity is it is standard program that Motorola distributes to its repair and service stations as well as to upgrade the particular phones. Motorola PST Phone Programmer is known as the Product Support Tool and is known by PST.

Some of the things that the PST program can do is Flashing, flexing, changing NAM settings, and much more. If you wish to use the P2KSeem program, it is a pre-requisite (requirement) to connecting your phone.

The bad news is that generally speaking, it is not available for legal download. It is only available in Motorola Service Centers although some have had some luck finding it on the Internet.

That being said, a site on the internet has both the PST 7.2.5, and 7.2.3 version available. The files are compressed with the RAR file compression utility. If you do not have a decompression for RAR, you can download a trial version of WinRAR here.

Known Versions include: PST 6.0, 6.7, 6.9, 6.9.2, 7.1.1, 7.11, 7.2, 7.23, 7.2.3, 7.24, 7.2.4, 7.25, 7.2.5, 7.26, 7.2.6, 7.3

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Blackberry – Is your Blackberry Waterproof?

Funny question. What do you think? No, that is not it – I did not drop my Blackberry 8800 in a pool or puddle on my last business trip. It is alive and kicking still and it is still my favorite device of all time.

Back to the question – it is somewhat rhetorical. Of course your Blackberry is not waterproof and I do not recommend that you try in order to prove that it is. But did you know that RIM knows if your Blackberry has been in the water? How is that you ask – well, if you take your battery cover off of you Blackberry wireless device, you will notice there is a small white square sticker on the inside of the case. (For the Blackberry 8700 series, it is in the lower left hand corner. On the Blackberry 8800 series, it is underneath the battery, so you need to lift it up in order to see it.

Blackberry Waterproof 8700 8800

Is yours not white? Is it a reddish or pink color? If so, then your blackberry has gotten very damp or wet at some point. Whenever the sticker on the inside of the Blackberry comes into contact with water, it immediately turns a pinkish color from white. If that happens, then the warranty on you Blackberry is voided.

If you ask for a replacement device because your Blackberry device is damaged or not working properly – this is one of the questions the warranty replacement representatives will ask you. That is, can you open up the back of you Blackberry and tell me the color of the white sticker on the back of your Blackberry.

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