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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Goodbye to 2007 - SomeLifeBlog Summary & Traffic

2007 has come and gone and we're already six days into 2008! With that, I wanted to provide the readers and those interested with the summary of 2007 here at SomeLifeBlog as well as a glimpse into the next year.

While SomeLifeBlog got started in October, 2006 -- my posting was relatively inconsistent for the rest of the year. That made consistent posting a key New Years resolution for 2007. In fact, it was one of the best kept New Years resolutions I have had -- over the entire year of 2007, 496 posts (and still a few in editing) were written and posted to SomeLifeBlog -- some of course better than others!

In terms of traffic, it was an interesting year. As I reported back in January 2007 -- the site had just under 3000 visitors which was a 600% increase from December 2006. My goal at that point in the year was to reach 10,000 visitors in a month which I saw as very lofty goal.

However, after February 2007 the site cracked 10,000 visitors -- mainly thanks to posts on my experiences with (at the time) Ashley's Motorola RAZR phone and the Nintendo Wii. From there, the progress just continued in leaps and bounds throughout the year.

2007 Website Statistics for
As you can see from the chart, the year ended on quite a high note with traffic trending towards the 200,000 pageview range which I anticipate will be exceed in January 2008. In all, thanks to all of your visits -- a very successful year -- 500k visitors and 1.3M page views.

Now to the other side of the equation where I occasionally get questions from readers via email. While I will be non-specific for the time being, the site is producing a significant amount of income, well beyond any simple expectations I had last January. More on this in the future posts, as the site still has some ways to progress and AdSense is not working all that well for me.

What's next?
For 2008, first and foremost -- I have a goal of reaching the 500,000 pageview / month plateau. The site is well on its way. Also, a little more efficient advertising that continue to ad value (to both you and me) -- without overloading the pages and making the content hard to read.

Secondly, there are some distinct possibilities of additional contributors on the site. (Are you interested as well, let me know!) More great content with the reach that SomeLifeBlog has already established is something to look forward to.

The content from me will still remain the same -- life wanderings, vacations, and a lot of technology geek things with "lay mans" guides so those who are not technically proficient can perform. I have received hundreds of emails thanking me for the guides that are out there and several guides still requested. (They are coming soon!) There is a chance that a couple of sites may get spun off, but we will have to wait and see!

Lastly, I plan updates to the site's progress more frequently. Hopefully that will be another successful New Year's resolution!

Best wishes to all of you in 2008, and thanks for reading SomeLifeBlog!