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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

BCS Bowl Games Continue to Disappoint

I started with my post on New Years Day, about what the BCS gave us for our major bowl games this year. After watching the first two major bowls -- the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, I am even more convinced at how much of a disaster the BCS is this year.

BCS Football Bowl Games Continue to Disappoint us in 2008
Let's first take at look at the Rose Bowl. Not more than a couple of quarters in, the USC Trojans were up by over 21 points before pulling all of their starters and still pulling off a 49-17 trouncing of the Fighting Illini of Illinois. While the game was moderately exciting to USC fans thanks to a couple of highlight reel plays from Joe McKnight and John David Booty. As everyone thought, and the reason I decided against getting tickets -- it was not that exciting and was simply a coronation of Pete Carroll's continued success at Southern California.

Then there was Georgia and Hawaii - 41-10 was the final score with the Bulldogs destroying the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. It was 38-3 in the third quarter before Georgia and Mark Richt's team shut it down and took it easy on Hawaii. People thought Hawaii was clearly overrated at #10 in the nation and it really showed on the offensive and defensive lines. While Colt Brennan's stats were miniscule, it was mainly due to the fact that he had no time all day, spending most of the game on his backside.

Just two major bowl games in and possibly the two best teams in the nation (Georgia and USC) showed why 1) They are both more deserving than Ohio State and LSU, and 2) How wrong the Bowl Championship committees got it. If only the Rose Bowl selection committee would have asked permission from the Sugar Bowl for the participation of Georgia. Then we would have had two great games of well-matched teams -- Georgia vs. USC, and Hawaii vs. Illinois.

Let's hope that this disaster does not continue in the Fiesta, Orange before we hit the anti-climatic Championship game in New Orleans.