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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Throwing My Blackberry 8800 Series Into A Wall

It’s getting close to that time again. What time is that you asked? It’s time to get a replacement for my Blackberry 8800. After today, I am considering whether or not just to throw the 8800 against a wall and smash it into 100 pieces. But before I do that, I need to find out if it is under warranty.

Why is it time? Well, let’s just say that today was a bad Blackberry day. Here are all the problems that I experienced with my Blackberry 8800 today:

  • Rebooted it, some reason would not sync up with the GPS satellites on my way to the airport this morning.
  • Rebooted it again when I landed in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have to reboot it after every flight in order to get the GPS to work. I was then able to find my way to the office.
  • Missed several calls today, they went directly to voicemail without ringing. Discovered it in the afternoon, rebooted it again. Calls seem to be coming in again.
  • All the applications are running really slow – freezing for a couple of minutes at a time. When holstering, the screen never goes to the default screen. Reboot again.
  • Guessing I will have to reboot again when I land in Los Angeles.

That’s 5 reboots in a day – almost enough for the Blackberry to be considered a Windows 3.1 release. Frustrating to say the least since the device takes 10 minutes to reboot, verify security, and organize the call logs. Way too long these days.

Hey RIM, why don’t you think about beefing up the processors in these things? The performance is awful. Ashley’s iPhone never has these kinds of issues. Never.

However, I am hopefully that this device is still under warranty -- bought it last March -- as I have had it for less than a year. Perhaps after a call to support – I can have a replacement and perhaps even the 8830 with Wifi capability sent on to me.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem? I am considering reloading the system software to see if anything improves. Perhaps I will give that a try this weekend. It'll be the first time for me on the 8800 series.


Fiber Optic Cable said...

This is something really cool . I like that . But i feel you must put here the video while doing such an act ..lolz

Anonymous said...

know how you just froze rings...cant answer it...alarm goes off...cant shut it buttons work....cant turn if off....any suggestions...other than throwing it against the wall? :)

Ken Hanscom said...

I'd try things in this order.

1. Alt+Cap+Del for a reboot.

2. Pull the battery for 5 minutes.

3. Download the latest firmware from Blackberry and update it to the latest, effectively wiping the unit.

Good luck, let me know how it goes!