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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The California Storm That Never Came

Since Tuesday morning, all I had heard about on the news and media was the massive storm that was eyeing the west coast and would pound southern California with rain for 5 days straight beginning Thursday night. People I worked even questioned my Thursday travel up to Menlo Park for business – that I could in fact be stuck there until the weekend.

Well, here we are on Saturday night and at least in Southern California, there are not many signs of a storm here. Ashley and I even took our Chocolate Labrador Luey out for a walk today. Clear skies and pretty dried up.

It seems like this highly anticipated storm was overrated in terms of its impact to Southern California. Looking at the precipitation statistics at CNRFC nearby Camarillo only got .53 inches of rainfall.

In all, Southern California continues to need rain given the recent fire season. While here in Thousand Oaks, we got a little over an inch, it is far from the 3-5 inches that were predicted. is showing some showers tomorrow – seems doubtful we will get them.

At least Northern California got some rain and some much needed snowpack. That is good news for both Central and Southern California as many farmers depend on that water from the Northern Sierras.

The California Aqueduct won’t go dry this year!