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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bought my Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D...Finally

Today I finally broke down and bought the Canon EOS Rebel XTI 400D. Earlier this week (here) I had wondered what impact the announcement of the new Rebel XSi announcement on January 24th. The short story is that there was no additional impact and that while the features of the EOS Rebel XSi 450D are impressive – it is not due to be available until April. That means no immediate price breaks on the XTi 400D.

Then on Saturday, I came across a deal too good from Staples to pass up – although it became an ordeal to make it happen. But the bottom line, I ended up with the Rebel XTi 400D kit for $480 + plus some tax. Here is what happened.

Each week for the last few months I had been searching FatWallet (one of my favorite sites) for deals on the Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D. This week, a post showed up that had a couple items that made for a great deal at Staples brick and mortar. First, the Canon Rebel EOS XTI kit with the 18-55m EF-S lens normally retails for $699.98.

But, then a number of deals possibly made it much lower, here is how it worked out:

$649.98 – Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D kit ($50 price drop for week of January 20th)
-$50.00 - $50 off $500 coupon from eBay for $.99
-$75.00 - 12% customer appreciation
-$50.00 – Rebate for week of January 20th
$ 38.06 - CA sales tax

$513.04 out the door, or $474.98 for the Canon Rebel XTi. A pretty good deal.

If only it would have been that easy. The first problem I ran into was finding a local store that had them in stock. The stores in Newbury Park, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Moorpark were all out of stock. Then we called down to the Oxnard Staples store and they said they had one in stock, so we headed down there.

However, once we got to the Oxnard store – there were no XTi 400D’s in stock. Rather the stockperson was indicating they had the accessory kit in stock, not the actual camera. However, after talking to the sales person they told me that they could have it delivered to my house and apply the discounts. So, he printed out my order and I headed to the register.

The register was the real moment of truth. While the associate told me I could apply the $50 off $500 coupon I bought on eBay for $0.99. However, I had no idea if it would take until it was typed in. Once it was accepted, they also applied the 12% off for customer appreciation and I was out the door with a full Canon EOS Rebel XTi for under $500 before tax.

The only problem? It will not arrive until Tuesday. I guess I can wait.

On another note, has another added any lenses to their XTi? Of all the options out there, it is hard to determine what would be a good addition. I am hoping to pickup some sort of zoom / telephoto before our trip to London and Paris next month.

The only question now is whether I will keep my G7. Once the XTi arrives and the rain stops here, I’m going to take some comparison photos and post.