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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Exchange Cached Mode is Killing my Blackberry

I have enjoyed Microsoft Outlook 2003 for some time -- and little time with Outlook 2007 as well. One of the great benefits that was introduced was the Exchange Cached mode which basically took the old offline folders (OSTs) for mobile users and integrated it into the overall product. What that meant for users and networks was a reduction in the chatter on the network and increased freedom and less locking during times when the connection was interrupted.

However, I have experienced an issue with my Blackberry’s Desktop Manager software. While I am running the latest version of the software, it does not appear to honor the Outlook cached mode. Seems to cause me pain on a regular basis. For example, if I disconnect from my network connection and take my laptop to a meeting – when I return and plug in my Blackberry – the Desktop Manager software recognizes that my Blackberry 8800 is connected – but yet messages are still forwarded to the device.

The reason for this is that it appears that the Desktop Manager software is highly dependent on a direct network connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server. Rather than leveraging the connectivity and intelligence in the client it interfaces with, it appears to connect to directly to the server. If that connection is severed, it does not automatically retry or correct itself.

Anyone else suffer from this issue?

The work-around or solution that I have come up thus far is to put in a process anytime that I disconnect from a network, vpn, or other type of Exchange connection. What do I do? Simply I exit out of the Blackberry Desktop Manager when I reconnect to the network, I start it up again.

Clunky, but at least it keeps my Blackberry from being flooded with message I have already read. How about it RIM, why don’t you make your desktop client that is integrated with the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) just a little bit smarter?