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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Garth Brooks - 2008 Fire Intervention Relief Effort - 01/26/08

Last night, Ashley and I had the pleasure of attending the last of 5 concerts that Garth Brooks was putting on in two days in Los Angeles, CA -- at the Staples Center. Our show started at 9:00pm, and boy was it worth it. In my book, it was definitely in the top 5 concerts that I have ever been to!

Garth Brooks - 2008 Fire Intervention Relief Effort - Stage at Staples Center before the concert

For quite some time, Ashley and I have wanted to see Garth in concert. Somehow, in 2000-2001, on his last tour we could never make a concert date work out for us. Then, Garth Brooks retired in 2001 to stay at home until his daughter turned 18. For some reason, most of us believed that he would be not be gone that long from concert scene. However, we were wrong.

Then came this amazing event to Los Angeles to help out the families that were victims of the 2007 wild fires across southern California. We were personally affected by them (our home church burned in the Malibu fire), and were glad not to only see the concerts come up, but know that the proceeds were going to the victims to help them re-build their lives.

However, we did not get tickets when they first went on sale for $45 a piece. Last week Ashley mentioned that she we regretting that we did not get them. I had her go on eBay and she picked up some pretty good Premier seats and reserved parking for a reasonable price. So, with that we were ready to attend the concert.

The biggest difficulty of the night was getting there -- when it rains in Southern California, people forget how to drive. Plain forget what they are doing. That being said, it took us quite a bit longer than normal to get there and then the traffic around Staples Center was packed. I had never been to events there that were back-to-back like the 5:00pm and 9:00pm shows -- but getting in made it difficult.

However, once we arrived -- we were glad to be there. Sitting in Premier section 15 is pretty close to center court as far as basketball goes and an excellent seating arrangement for the concert.

Picture of Garth Brooks on stage at the 2008 Fire Intervention Concert at Staples Center.
As most people who have seen Garth in concert, he is an excellent entertainer. Not because of the fact that he has some of the most popular country songs in the world. Rather because he has a great stage presence and is constantly interacting with the crowds. Below is a picture of Garth Brooks posing during a song with a fan while a band member takes a photo.

Picture of Garth Brooks posing during a song with a fan while a band member takes a photo at Staples Center
In all, the concert went just over two hours -- which is a feat given this was the 5th concert that Garth put on in about 30 hours. It would be difficult for someone on a current tour to put on that high quality of performance 5 times, let alone someone who has not been on the road for 7 years. By the end of the concert, Garth was getting a little tired -- do you wonder why?

Also, there was a special guest appearance by Trisha Yearwood singing a duet with her Husband Garth -- "In Another's Eyes" before singing her hit "Walkaway Joe" and going off stage. After the performance and how visibly encouraged Garth was by the fans, one would not be surprised if he hits the road in the next couple of years. He's an unbelievable pro.

Definitely a concert we were proud to have been apart of.


chad said...

I too was at this exact same show. Unfortunately our camera battery was dead before the show started. might you have other photos to post? At one point I took off my ball cap and pointed it at Garth (I was 10 rows from the stage) and he took his ball cap off and pointed it at me. Any chance you caught that on video? I cant remember the song he was singing at the time but he was at the front center of the stage when he did it. Thanks.

Ken Hanscom said...

I believe the video on this page that was shot shows the exact footage your are looking at from the Garth Brooks concert.

About 20 seconds into the clip he points his hat at someone in the crowd. You?

kmkbabe909 said...

wow...thats amazing! it is on that video...and that is something you will never forget...i went the the 10pm show on friday and it was AMAZING. I was 5th row and had on an American Flag shirt...When i got outta the concert at least 10 people came up to me and said i was the girl on the jumbotran... They said i was on for about 10-15 seconds and everyone started cheering and saluting... Been trying to find if maybe someone caught that on camera. :)
what an excellent show...i HOPE he comes back soooner than later!