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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting Sick is No Fun. My First Cold of the Season

No one like being sick. Especially me.

Until last Sunday, I thought I had made it through this cold season without coming down with anything. Luckily, I might add. I had been surrounded with people during December at work and elsewhere were sick with various forms of colds and flu. I had spent 4 days in pretty cold weather in New York City. I had been really good about taking higher doses of vitamins and Airborne and seemed to beat it each time.

I believed more than ever that my refusal to get a flu shots on an annual basis (I do not believe they work) continued to pay off.

Then on Sunday, my nose started running. It was the onset of a cold of which it did affect me much until the evening. I thought I could knock it out quickly with some Zicam and continued use of Airborne. No such luck.

On Monday, I was in a meeting most of the day and made barely made my way through it. In fact, I was in somewhat of a Sudafed coma state for most of the day. (On that note, the Sudafed that does not have the drugs that can be used to make Crank / Meth Amphetamine does not work – Sudafed PE is relatively ineffective for me.) Arriving home, I was pretty out of it – which had me going to bed at 7:00pm to end up getting 11 hours of sleep.

On Tuesday, my plan was to stay home sick. But do to about 6 hours of meetings that “I could not miss” it ended up being a work from home day. Fortunately, working from home is less stressful so I felt like I was getting some rest and a lot better. The Airborne and Zicam regimen continues. To bed early again.

Wednesday morning, I felt much better. Although many of my co-workers mentioned I still looked a little pale. However, as the day goes on – I continued to get stronger. Airborne and Zicam regimen continues. I am actually able to stay up to a reasonably normal time.

It’s Thursday now and I am almost 100% again. I am thankful that this bout was a relatively short one. Hopefully, this is my last cold this year as well as my first.