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Sunday, January 20, 2008

iPhone 1.1.3 Update Requires Restore to Factory Default

As with most upgrades for devices that are not mine, I usually wait a few days before installing them on my computer. Especially when it comes to Ashley’s Apple iPhone and the storied history of Apple iPhone upgrades. Apple’s release date for their latest version – 1.1.3 was earlier this week on 01-15-2008. Coinciding with MacWorld, it was no secret that the update of the iPhone firmware was full of good content and updates.

I waited for five days and scanned a number of blogs and did not see too many issues. Most of the firmware upgrades seemed to go find for a lot of the folks I know – in fact, a couple of quick searches did not reveal any problems. Unless of course if your iPhone was hacked – since Ashley’s has not been – no worries.

Last night I went ahead and connected Ashley’s 8GB iPhone to her computer fired up iTunes and started to download the software. However, something went wrong while the Apple iPhone software upgrading was extracting.

An error window popped up with the following message:
"This iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error has occurred. (1602)."

I made another attempt to install the software again and the iPhone would not update the software. The problem was actually worse than that. Not only did the iPhone not get updated, but it put Ashely’s phone into recovery mode and forced me to restore from factory settings, then install the updated software, and re-sync all 7GB of music. Fun.

In case you run into this issue with your iPhone firmware upgrade, here is the process I went through. Once I went through the steps, it was updated to the latest version of Apple iPhone’s firmware.

1. Back-up your Apple iPhone before you even consider updating the firmware. If you do not, you could loose all of your settings.

2. If you download the iPhone update and get the message “This iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error has occurred. (1602)” then restore your phone to the factory setting, which will wipe out all of the data on your iPhone.
The iPhone is not reconized by iTunes requiring a restore to factory settings before installing 1.1.3 version of the firmware.
3. After about 5 minutes the iPhone will be restored to factory settings.
Restoring the Apple iPhone's firmware to the factory settings due to problems with 1.1.3
Confirmed restoration of the iPhone to Factory Default Settings
4. Now immediately apply the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware upgrade to your iPhone – it should take about 5 minutes to upgrade the firmware.

5. Once the update complete, restore your Apple iPhone’s data and then sync your iPhone to get all of your music and photos back.
Restoring the backup to the iPhone, after the 1.1.3 update caused me to restore to factory settings in recovery mode.
Now you are finally on iPhone 1.1.3. Yes, Apple could have made it easier. Since I first encountered this issue, I have seen a few other posts on (1602) – looks like this is becoming a common issue.

Additionally, there were some other oddities as all of a sudden the iPhone found 59 conflicts between Microsoft Outlook and the iPhone. I reviewed the first few with no issues, so accepted all of the changes to Outlook from the iPhone. Hopefully there will be little collateral damage to the planner.

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Gad said...

1.1.3 has been quite annoying for many, hope something proper gets released soon to fix this!