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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New York City – Trip Report

This took me awhile, but as they say -- better late than never! I am finally getting to the trip report for our recent vacation to New York City. Several of you have asked, especially given my previous experiences there. With that…..

Back in 2006, I visited New York City on a leisure trip for the first time. (I had been there previously on a quick business trip, but did not have the opportunity to see anything) Let’s just say that the six days we spent there in May, 2006 were not my favorite. I am not sure if it was due to the overly stuffy Waldorf Astoria hotel we were staying in or we had just visited my two favorite cities in the world – Munich (favorite large city) and Heidelberg(favorite small city) in Germany.

I think it would be appropriate to say that the trip left me with a bad taste in my mouth. In fact, I believe that I told Ashley that I did not care to ever go back to New York City for vacation.

That being said, Ashley has always wanted to visit New York City during the Holidays – to ice skate in Rockefeller Center, see the Christmas decorations, and take a ride through Central Park on a horse-drawn carriage. When much of the families plans changed around Christmas, we decided to get out of town for a few days and the price was right for the trip.

I would say that I am now a changed man in terms of liking New York City, we had a great time. Not only did we do all the activities that we on our list, but we were able to enjoy some great weather, shows, food, and even some shopping. We had the best possible time we could have, and even a one-day flight delay did not put a damper on the trip – it made it even better.

No doubt we will visit again.

Here are the various posts from the trip:
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Side note: It’s hard for those of us in the Los Angeles area to be impressed with “shopping” in New York City. You hear such great things about it, however in the end – there are very few stores that we do not have here. If you are from a non-major metro area, then this is a much greater benefit for you.

In terms of why I did not enjoy it last time? I have come to the conclusion that as good as New York is a as a large city – it simply (and perhaps no US city can) compete with the charm and historical significance of cities like Munich and Heidelberg.