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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oklahoma Sooners Should Not Be Invited to Any More BCS Bowl Games

The Oklahoma Sooner should be banned from participating in any Bowl Championship Games for the next 5 years. The team of Bob Stopes has been consistently blown out in their last 4 appearances in these bowls. Last night at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was the latest in the series of disasters which include blowouts against LSU, USC, and now West Virginia. Not to mention a loss to the Boise State, a WAC team.

In fact, last night was so bad that a team without their head coach (Rich Rodriguez) or their top running back (Steve Slaten) hung 56 points on the Sooners. And that was just on one side of the ball. On the other side, Oklahoma was equally anemic with many of their yards and big plays coming after the game was well out of hand.

Probably the most concerning comment from the night came from one of the commentators on Fox – suggesting that the Oklahoma Sooner would be ranked in the Top-5 preseason next year. When are the voters (AP & Coaches) going to get it? Oklahoma simply cannot perform when it counts. It showed against Colorado, Texas Tech, and then in the Fiesta Bowl game against West Virgina. And some were arguing for Oklahoma to be in the national championship game?

The only solution is to ban Oklahoma from any significant post-season appearance for the next few years. The rest of the nation – and assuming the Oklahoma fans are sick of seeing this team in big games and getting shut down. Either there is a simply a problem with Oklahoma in the post season or the Big-12 is highly overrated. I’ll let you decide.

This Bowl Championship Season continues to be the worst on record, begging for some – change – any change – to make a better outcome for everyone. At this point, I would even take the traditional Bowl match-ups over what we have seen this season.

Will this travesty continue at the FedEx Orange Bowl with Virginia Tech and Kansas? We will have to wait and see!