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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Replacing my Powershot G7 with a Rebel XTi 400D

I have made the decision and now I am just waiting for the price to drop. I plan over the next couple of weeks to trade in my Canon Powershot G7 for a Canon Rebel XTI 400D camera. The Powershot G7 and its 10.0 megapixel size has been awesome, I just want more than it is capable of now.

Over the past year I shot over 3,000 pictures (that I kept) on my G7. From the day it arrived, it has been the best digital camera that I have owned – and made a mighty pairing with the ultra-portable Powershot 800IS. The pictures from the G7 have turned out amazing with my limited experience and it seems like I find new features every month or so I did not realize were there. (Most recently it was the 15 or so different light ‘modes’ that for some reason I never found before. However, I digress)

However, the more I start tweaking the pictures in Adobe Photoshop, the more I realize that I may need an upgrade. The main reason is that when zooming in and cropping, there is significantly more noise in the photos from the G7 than what I have seen on the Rebel XTi 400D in similar shots. It is compounded by the fact that I am now tending to shoot at lightly larger angles and distance than I normally would so I can post process the pictures to get them just the way I want.

I can still get high quality 8X10’s after cropping and adjusting the pictures in Photoshop. However, I had some more ambitious goals on some recent pictures that I taken – wanting to generate some 16x20’s. However, the noise in the photos just did not allow for it.

With the 400D comes the same resolution and megapixels, however a lot more flexibility in terms of avaiable lenses. The only drawback? Its size. However, with a pairing with the SD 800IS, it should a great combo for both high quality pictures and quick shots.

I have been scouring the ads for deals for a few weeks, but there is one thing that is keeping me from pulling the trigger. The pending announcement from Canon on the camera that will stand to replace the Canon Rebel XTI 400D. That announcement is due out tomorrow the 24th – depending on the delivery time of it, it could cause some significant price drops on the 400D.

I will have to wait a couple of days to see. Have you tried both a Powershot G7 and a Rebel XTI 400D? What are your thoughts on the differences?