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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some New Stickley Furniture For Us

We have some new furniture additions to our home. In fact, they just arrived Friday afternoon after a 10-week construction and delivery. And after seeing their delivery, it was well worth the wait!

Ashley and I have been big mission and craftsman furniture fans for quite some time. Specifically, Stickley's Mission styled Arts & Crafts furniture has been our favorite. It all started when we saved our pennies when we were first married (almost 9 years ago) to purchase our first bedroom set, which while expensive -- we have been happy with that decision ever since.

Since we bought that Stickley furniture several years ago, we had not added any other pieces to our home. That was with the exception of an exceptional 1920's Stickley kitchen nook round table and six chairs that my parents were nice enough to give us that were passed down from my grandparents. It has even become difficult to even find a store that carries Stickley furniture.

We used to have Homestead House here in Thousand Oaks -- however, they ceased operations towards the end of 2005. The next closest Stickley Furniture dealer for us is Fedde Furniture, located in Pasadena -- about an hour drive from our home. Our first "opportunity" to visit was back in October when Ashley and I were on our way to the USC vs. Oregon State football game.

During our visit, we discovered that Fedde Furniture had a very large in stock collection of Stickley furniture pieces. In fact, practically an entire floor of their showroom on Sierra Madre was filled like a Stickley Furniture catalog. That made our shopping quite a bit easier -- as some of the pieces we could find the pieces we were considering and decide whether or not they were the same as we pictured.

Once we finished, we completed list of the items we were interested in -- including several new ones, the prices so we could make a decision and contact our salesperson Arline with our decision later in the week.

During the week we made a couple of calls to sanity check the prices at some other Southern California dealers of Stickley Furniture -- and then decided on the specific furniture pieces we wanted. Interestingly, all of our choices were based on what we saw in the Fedde Furniture showroom rather than what we had seen online and in the catalog. We placed our order, put our 20% down and then waited the 8-10 weeks it usually takes for Stickley furniture to be built and shipped.

Well, Friday was the day that it arrived and we are really satisfied with the choices. In case you are interested, here is what we ended up with, all in quarter sawn oak...

Stickley's Tile Top Cocktail Table in Twilight Gray (89-579-035) - our favorite piece in the purchase as the tile while "Twilight Gray" is a mixture of green and blue as well. This replaces a 9-year old $99 glass-top top from IKEA -- making an appearance on Craiglist soon. :-)
Stickley's Tile Top Cocktail Table in Twilight Gray (89-579-035)

Stickley's Server Piece(89-640-035) - even came with a silverware tray inside.
Stickley's Server Piece(89-640-035)

Stickey's Butterfly Top End Table (89-576-035) - Nice piece, we actually almost got the cocktail table with the same top before seeing the tile top at Fedde's.
Stickey's Butterfly Top End Table (89-576-035)

Stickley Tabouret Table (89-559-035)
Stickley Tabouret Table (89-559-035)

There was one issue in the delivery with our favorite piece having 2-inch shallow scratch on a surface that while not completely exposed, still was visible. The delivery person handled it very well, noted it on the invoice which I signed and made a copy of -- then mentioned I would be contacted in the next couple of days about having it fixed or replaced. I'll update my blog once it is resolved or there is an update as it is important to see how companies handle issues like this.