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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nintendo Wii Fix, Repair, and Troubleshooting Guide

Having owned a Nintendo Wii for over a year, I had encountered a number of issues the Wii console, sensor bar, and the Wii remotes. In every case, the issues were very correctable with a little bit of knowledge and testing. In fact, my first post on "Wii Remote - Why won't it sync?" is one of the most popular posts on this blog.

Nintendo Wii Error, Fix, Repair, and Troubleshooting guide for issues with the Nintendo Wii console, and Wii Remotes
Since that first post, I had received a number of questions on issues with the Nintendo Wii console -- many which I have personally experienced. For the curious, the very first issue I had with my Wii was I did not realize I needed to hook up the sensor bar!

For these reasons, I have put together the following post that serves as the unofficial Nintendo Wii Repair and Troubleshooting Guide. It is a list of various Wii problems that are out there and their appropriate solutions. In many cases, this information comes from or I have supplemented with the Nintendo website. The main reason for this is that most of Nintendo's guides are not written very clearly -- and require either more explicit descriptions or additional details.

The list is divided into categories for your easier browsing convenience. I hope you find the content not only useful, but valuable in solving your Nintendo Wii problems.

Do you know of a problem that is not list below? Or perhaps you are encountering a problem I have not listed? If so, please let me know with a comment below. That way, I can research, post, and share the problem with all of those who visit the site and we can all benefit!

Nintendo Wii Error, Fix, Repair, and Troubleshooting guide for issues with the Nintendo Wii console, and Wii RemotesOpening and Repairing your Nintendo Wii Console:

  1. Disassembly requires a Tri-Wing screwdriver.
  2. How to disassemble / take apart your Nintendo Wii
  3. How to replace the internal fan on your Nintendo Wii
  4. How to replace the DVD Drive Player on your Nintendo Wii
  5. How to repair a "jammed" DVD drive on your Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii General Problems:

  1. How to fix the Wii's time settings or the Wii loses time
  2. The Wii has a delayed response in audio, display, or video
  3. Wii is stuck on the language screen
  4. How to hard and soft reset the Nintendo Wii console
  5. How to stream audio and video to the Nintendo Wii console
  6. Screen Character or Cursor moves on their own
Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) Problems:
  1. How to sync the controller for your Nintendo Wii
  2. All Wii Remotes will not sync with console
  3. Wii remote cursor is off-center, jerky, erratic, or disappears
  4. The buttons on the Wii remote are sticky, stuck or sticking while playing
  5. Buttons on the Wii remote are not responding when pressed
  6. Crackling noises, static, or no sound is coming from the Wii remote
  7. Wii remote will not rumble, shake, or vibrate
  8. How to make the batteries in your Wii remote last longer
  9. Wii cursor does not appear when playing a game on the console
  10. Wii Remote (Wiimote) experiences tilt or rotation problems
  11. "There is no Mii save data on your Wii Remote. Format this save data?" message
  12. Guitar Hero World Tour Microphone will not work problem
Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Problems:

  1. Sensor Bar tear down and dis-assembly guide with pictures
  2. How to repair a damaged or broken cable on the Sensor Bar
  3. How to adjust the sensitivity on the Wii sensor bar
  4. Only one dot appears when attempting to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor bar

Nintendo Wii Disc and Game Problems:

  1. How To: Clean Nintendo Wii Game Discs
  2. Unable to read the disc / Disc could not be read error messages
  3. Wii games and discs eject on their own
  4. Wii games freeze while in game play
  5. Wii games freeze at a specific spot or location during game play
  6. Wii - "Disc Not Recognized" - Error Message.
  7. Wii - "An Error Has Occurred" - Error Message
  8. Wii - Disc Problems the Require Nintendo Service
Nintendo Wii Email / Message Board Problems:

  1. What to do when you get the "Message Board Data is Full" Message
  2. "Be careful about posting too many message" warning
  3. How do I reply to a Memo? / Why Can't I reply to a Memo?
  4. Multiple messages being received from Nintendo
  5. Unable to receive emails with images attached

Nintendo Wii Power Problems:

  1. No power to the the Nintendo Wii
  2. Turns off intermittently or shuts off on its own
  3. Wii power light does not turn on; on=green, standby=amber/orange

Nintendo Wii Balance Board Problems:

  1. How to fix problems synchronizing the Wii Fit Balance Board
  2. Wii Fit -- Taking Consistent Body Test Measurements

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Anonymous said...

my wii have no screen.i did try new av cable.please help!!

Anonymous said...

Same problem here. It appears the video card went out in my Wii. Any ideas where to obtain replacements (other than the obvious).

Anonymous said...

my video went out as well. I last bought and played wii party a week ago. Seemed fine then. No video now.

Anonymous said...

I bought a wii a week ago. that first hour or so it was working perfectly fine and then all of a sudden the sensor on the player died. You could push the buttons and make the player move but you could not swing or hit the other player. tried 4 different games thinking it might be the game but same thing buttons work but sensor doesn't. this only happens when you are actually playing the game. works fine when in any menus. please help my family really likes the wii and I spent four hundred dollars on a wii and accessories that I can not return or exchange to Game Stop.

Ken Hanscom said...

Assuming you have checked all the connections and inspected the cables and connectors on your Wii Sensor Bar. If you have, I would recommend calling Nintendo Wii Support at 1-800-255-3700 immediately to get a replacement.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem like problem has been encountered yet by anyone.

My sensor bar was dropped and the two end clips fell of and I can't seem to get them back in. The sensor bar still works perfectly, it's just a little annoying how it looks. Any idea how you're supposed to get them back in?

Ken Hanscom said...

Thanks for the note on the sensor bar clips. I'll take apart my spare sensor bar this evening and report back on what I find!


Anonymous said...

Hey, just wondering if you had an update on the sensor bar clips. Thanks!

Ken Hanscom said...

Yes, please check the Wii Sensor Bar tear down guide under the Sensor Bar section.


Anonymous said...

I was playing Mario and Sonic Olympics 2008 and it was working fien last week. Then i try to play it this week and when I click on start, it looks like it is going to load the game up and then it just goes back to the main menu. What's causing this?

Anonymous said...

I just purchased Monkey Ball - I can get the wiimote sync'd before at the start menu, but as soon as monkeyball starts to load, it loses it's connection and won't resync... any ideas?

kadeeme said...

The Whammy bar on our Wii Guitar does not seem to be working. Any suggestions?

buck said...

two year old stuck dog tags in the wii and they came out but the disc goes in all but about a centimeter what can i do

Anonymous said...

need abit of help here...
my wii was connected to an LCD screen and worked perfectly, now I moved it to an old tv (CRT) and for some reason no matter how I set it (windscreen/4:3) the picture is stretched and I can only see a part of it...

help? :(

Anonymous said...

Im having a very weird problem with my wii(Japanese version) but i gave it to this guy who did something to my wii so that it could play american games as well.
All my games worked well other than 2 of them. They are Okami and DBZ Budokai tenkaichi 3. When I load the game the screen suddenly goes black and my wiimotes lose connection and the wii simply gets hung...then i haveto shut my wii and try again but there is no luck...Have any suggestins?(I even tried the japanese versions of these games but same problem with them too...)

Anonymous said...

hi, have a problem with my wii, i have the japanese version, the plug is for 110V, but here where i'm from, all plugs are 240V, i have to plug it first in a converter. anyway, my little brother plugged it directely to the 240V, so it crashed. i took it to the shop to have it fixed, but it worked out okay when they tried it with a 240V adapter, so i bought this and played my wii for a week, suddenly the next day when i tried to play my wii again, there's no video anymore or anything else. all i see is a blank screen. it still turns on, but you can't see or hear anything on the tv screen...

Evelyn said...

hi, this question is regarding guitar hero III for red button is super unresponsive!! is there anything i can do?

Matthew D said...

my wii keeps on freezing after only a minute and i cant even do anything. if im lucky i can get 5 minutes but its been like this for a month. Any answers. my e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Son stuck an id card into our wii--can't get it to come out--eject does not work--any suggestions?

Nami said...

So yesterday i played brawl for awhile and then turned off the wii like normal.
Then today i turned on my wii and went through all the normal screens,
but the wii-mote cursor does'nt show up..
The home button, as well as the + and -, and power buttons work fine,
but the cursor does not.
I've never had this problem before,
so im not sure what im supposed to do..

I have already unplugged the wii,
Pressed the sync button on the wii-mote [both of them..],
Replaced batteries in both wii motes and the sensor bar,
turned off and on my sensor bar [its not the one that came with the wii..],
and i did a soft reset [using the wii-mote].

Did i miss something?

Anonymous said...

I am having a problem with my wii when ever i try to play it says cannot read disk

phil said...

My Wii doesnt turn on! When it is plugged in the red light works but when I try to turn it on there is just a clicking sound to the rear of the Wii. Please help!!

Matthew said... THAT should help u all peoples!
JEEZ my e-mail is

Anonymous said...

My 2nd and 3rd Wii remotes are synced but will not turn when I play mariokart. Only the original one that came in the box will do the turns. Please help me. I cannot play a 2 player game with my son if it requires any type of driving.

KK said...

Please help - my wiimotes are broken, when i press the buttons the blue lights don't even flash. They used to work fine!

I have tried new batteries, syncing, unpluging the console.... its driving me mad.

Any informatin would be very gratefully received!

Anonymous said...

we brought a wii fit at chrismas it worked 4 about 2 days then we stopped playing it. i turned it on yesterday an it works fine untill you go to play a game or weigh yourself. it tells us to step off and press A. has anyone got any ideas wat to do ???

Anonymous said...

My son got Guitar Hero for Christmas; we started it up, it worked fine no problems. But now he needs to use the guitar to start most of his games. There are some Mario games he cant even start because the guitar does not allow it. Can anyone help me? How do I reverse this that he can just use the controller to start games?

Mark said...

Here's an interesting one. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have an answer:

I bought this badly smashed up wii off of a friend. I already have a good one, this is just to repair and give to somebody. There is definitely physical damage. I turn it on and there is no visual response. The drive seems to work just fine, it takes in and ejects discs, I can hear it spinning, but it just doesn't boot when I turn it on and has no response when I put a disc in.

However ... I touch the sync button and it gives the normal sync screen. I try syncing one of my wiimotes and it doesn't detect.

I have the wii in pieces right now. I'm thinking replacing the motherboard is the best option. Any better ideas?

Ron said...

My wife vacummed the sensor bar wire and pulled the wires out of the console. I assume that is just a plug that pulls out of the base unit. I have tried pulling with tweezers but can't get a grip on the plug. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for taking your time and reading this article.
The problem I have is when I turn the wii on, it turns on the games cd goes in and it automatically kicks in into the first screen, but the remote does not work with the console.

As soon I turn on the wii the remote lights will not come on. (First light for remote 1 and second light for remote 2) I have two remote and they both will not communicate with the console. I have tried new batteries, and tried to resync. These remotes were working fine with this console. The remotes just stopped working on the same day and the same time. Pleas Help thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

HELP!!my small child tried to stick another game in my wii when i was already playing a game. he wasn't successful but now my wii can not read any of my games. is there a sensor he may have damaged or something that needs re-setting?

Anonymous said...

My wii did not come with a manuel.
is their one on the internet.

Vipul said...


Anonymous said...

for a little while, my wii would often not reconize disks, and i'd get the "cannot read disk" message. but this morning, I turn the wii on, the green light turns on, and the screen either goes to a slightly different black, or goes to the "press A to continue" screen. If it does go to that screen, pressing any button will not bring it to the wii menu. the screen will instead just go to the same black as it otherwise will. I've been trying different combinations of shutting down and resetting, but nothings working.

also, all disks spin loudly when the wii is on. much louder then it would, when I got it, almost 2 1/2 years ago.,
However, smash bros won't even spin. there's just some sort of click, then it's completely silent. I don't know, I went through some other website where many people complained about the same problems with smash (that it doesn't spin, and also often gives error cannot read disk message for many other games,)
I had tried the wii cleaner kit, but it had very limited success.

another note, the wii message board takes a very long time to load the messages. I'm not sure though, would this just be caused by having it for over two years, and it has many days to post messages on before it gets to today? If so, is there a way to get rid of the older messages? I hardly need to know how long I played Zelda and Galaxy each day two years ago.

the problems I stated first are the most important, as now I can't play anything. the others were just different problems I encountered, which may already have been awnsered on this site, but I figured I'd include them while I was at it. Should I send me wii to nintendo? is there something I'm missing that I can do? , let me know what I can do soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I got my wii system in 2008 with one original wii remote. Currently I got a new wii remote and tried all the method and instruction to sync my new remote with the console. The remote lights keep blinking and then shut off. None of the lights stay lid. Wii service and engineers were so bad since this problem occurred for years but it still remain without any improvement.

Anonymous said...

My wii game got stuck inside the drive. I STUPIDLY opened the top cover and a spring shot out!!! Would you happen to know where the springs go so that I can put my back?

Anonymous said...

my sister dropped my wii and now a game is stuck in their can you tell me hou to take the game out. I would prefer not having to take my wii apart but i will do anything to play my wii again ITS BEEN SOOOO LONG!!

Anonymous said...

I've played guitar hero at a freind's house for more than a year, and I've gotten pretty good (I play on "expert" level). I just got my own Wii with GH 5, and the synchronization is off. Namely, I must anticipate the notes on my guitar by about 1/10th of a second before the note is actually heard. I tried the "Calibrate" function, but this only allows me to further delay the sound. I am a musician, I play a real guitar in a band, and I know that I'm striking the note at the proper time, but it always registers too late. This does not happen at my friend's house. Is there a fix for this?

Anonymous said...

My son tried to sync one of his remotes, and in doing so, unplugged one or more wires in the back. I replaced all the connections and am sure they are correct, but the Wii does not work at all now. Power light goes from red to green, and the console makes the normal humming noise, and the TV even blinks briefly like it is going to go on, but the tv screen stays grey. Any ideas?

Jennifer said...

My son last played his @ii in June of this year before going to spend the summer with his father. The Wii sat unused for 3 months. When he came home and tried to play it, it would not turn on. A friend of mine brought over their Wii and power cord, and I found out that my power cord was bad. However, even though the Wii turned on, the tv screen stayed blank. I have since tried with a new power cord that I bought, and I still only get a blank screen when I turn the Wii on.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem as Jennifer, maybe it's a Utah thing? I have tried a bunch of different things but I am out of things to try! The sound works and I can press buttons on the wiimote and get activity but I can't see it because my screen is a pretty shade of black! Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I have recently bought a wii and am trying to put it together. The instructions say to locate the input select. I tried to get help finding this at My search engine will not let me get to this webstie. Please help me with the input select information.

Anonymous said...

I took the metal top off of the cd drive. I was careless and let a small white piece of plastic come off of the underside of the cove. Does anyone have a picture of one complete? I am stumped on where it goes.


sq67 said...

We just got our wii a few days ago, and we had a dog fight tonight. The dogs ran across the wire for the GH microphone and yanked the wii off the stand. The entire USB port is broken (both ports). Can we get a replacement port and how do we fix it?

Leigh said...

Just got a new wii. Set it up and created a mii. Upon exiting to the main wii menu the controller unsynced. Tried the pressing 1+2 button nothing. Shut off system, unplugged the wii. Plugged it back in. Hit the sync button on the console for 15 sec. Then hit the sync on the controller the again on the console. Took about 20 tries but eventually synced. Put in the wii sports that came with it instantly it said an error occurred. Instantly lost the sync again. Don't seem to be able to sync the system. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

If you know how to fix this, please email your ideas. I go to training on WII Fit, choose a category and exercise. It tells me to step off the board and press A. I do that, and it repeats the request. Just prior to this happening it said it detected a big change in my weight. So I am thinking it isn't reading it correctly. what can I do to fix?

Vitor Navarro said...

Before telling you the problem I like to say this is a good post ^^.
I have both a wii and a xbox360, they were conected to my plasma television. Xbox360 shows a normal image without problems, but wii have a lot of wrong color pixels, not like they were dead, but like if there is some problem with the video card.
Any ideas? Thx in advance...

Robin said...

We have a Wii that is about three years old. It started making loud humming noises and at times gives an error message "can not read disc" which happens in the middle of playing..Will cost 75 plus tax and shipping to send to Nintendo. Trying to avoid this as it is an older system. Plus with the new system coming out this year I don't want to spend that much money now. What can I do? The only thing we have not done is taking apart the system and cleaning it.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you might have a solution to my wii, the light is green, cd boots up but will not even get to the warning screen. wiimotes sync and activate but nothing. If i have to get it repaired, this will be the second time, the first being the video card was bad and I am wondering if its the same thing...thanks if anyone can help)

joemod said...

The Wii will not eject the disc. The eject button seems to have lost it's "click" or detent.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a used wii and i turned it on it was playing just fine and now all of a sudden its blinking and glitchin any ideas as to what is wrong with it?

Anonymous said...

hi i played my wii yesterday an i played it today an i put my SD card in an everything went downhill
1.No video
2.No Audio
3.My controllers is nt respnding
i tried unplugging it,taking everything out of it(A/V cords,power cord,sensor bar cord)an it still nothing is happening can anyone help me

Anonymous said...

I was having the issue with my Wii, it was ejecting my Mario CD automatically, it was also happen with NFS CD, however two other games were working fine, but then it started happening with almost ALL the disc, and I figured it out that it was not the game disc that was creating the problem. It was the drive that was causing the problem, I google for "Nintendo Wii repair Guide" and found this Nintendo Wii Repair Guide site, that helped me opening the console (since its not in the warranty) and replacing the drive, thanks to whoever wrote/gathered the information, and yeah, the pictures were really helpful.
Also thanks for all input from other gamers on this site, as it also helped me some other common issues.

Theresa said...

I cannot get my wireless drum set to work since we moved, I have replaced batteries and cannot find any information on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi - need some help! My son just bought Metroid wii game and when he inserts the disc into the console (yes, the right way), the icon showing the disc spinning shows on the tv screen but after about 10sec, a question mark appears and says it cannot load. My son also tried his other games and they're not loading either! What could be the problem here? Just 2 wks ago his friends came over and they played Brawl and it worked. Kindly offer some suggestions or help!

Acquisition Halcyon said...

My Wii was working fine until one day my sister tried to start it and it would not boot up. I've tried all of the power cord and autoreset tips but nothing works. The red power light will be on and as soon as you hit the on button, the light flashes green and the disk opening flashes blue and then everything just shuts off; no power. We have to unplug and plug in the power adapter to get the red off light to come on again. There was a game cube game stuck in there,and we removed it thinking that if the disk was out of place the wii might not be able to go through it's start up sequence. However, there is still no change. I've combed the internet, but I always come up with the same autoreset results. Any kind of help would be vastly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Help!! I took the wii DVD drive apart to see why it wouldn't accept discs and found a white piece floating inside and don't know where it came from. The mechanism that clamps the disc in place is permanently down stopping you getting the discs into the drive. The white piece that has come unattached is about 2inches in length. Is there anywhere I can get a diagram of the mechanism that raises and lowers the disc clamp? Any help would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

my nintendo wii aeems to be turning on but there is no picture to the tv we tried everything even baught new cables thing the av cable went bad but still no. we cleand the wii with duster, we tried moving at around we even tried leaving in unpluged for a few days nothing has worked

wii fix said...

This really works to fix your wii!

Anonymous said...

My Wii-Remote Doesn't sync with the Wii-Console ... It is the second time to sync the wii remote but i dunno whats up ... I tried to reset the sync and press the Sync buttom of the SD for 15 seconds and try then to press the sync buttom of the remote and then open the SD and Press on the Sync buttom of the SD but there is no even light in the LED in the Remote ... I will be thankful if you reply

Anonymous said...

Right, i've read all the various comments here and i believe i have a unique problem. I sync my wii remotes up fine and after the home screen they work. But once you start a channel, as always the remotes turn off and restart. If the wii remotes are permanently synced which they were, the remotes reconnect and you can use them. My wii however forgets them so the permanent sync is useless. The wii then says reconnect but permanent sync can only be done from the home screen.

Basically im screwed with a major hardware fault, any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


I load up a game (bowling), the game loads successfully. (at first I thought I was having remote problems, not the case), anyway, when I throw a ball, (holding "B"), it will not throw the ball.
In another bowling game, it will just drop the ball at the top of the lane, no rolling at all. In Wii Tennis, it will not hit the ball.I press "A", it will toss the ball in the air, but not hit it.
In pool, where I'm supposed to press "B" and move toward the sensor/screen,like a pool stick, I just now press "B" no matter where the remote is aimed.

Batteries are fully charged (WII CHARGERS, four lights lit initially), Hand shows on the screen when picking the game I want to play, so it's not the remote. I unplugged the WII and re-synced the remotes.
Nothing has been dropped or anything.

elwalley said...

Wii struck by lightening. Seems to be completely operational, except I have no Audio/Video. Powers on to green light, blue light dvd drive all ok. Wiimote rumbles after pressing "A". Accepts and ejects discs fine. Cables are all fine (they work on another wii without issue).

How do I get the AV output operational?

Anonymous said...


The sync button on my wii console no longer works. The button no longer moves (depresses), so i can not sync new remotes. Has any one else ever had thhis problem? Is it an easy fix if I went to the trouble of opening up the console and fixing it myself? I know I can pay someone else to fix it but If it's just a matter of a minor mechanical fix I would rather do it myself.

Anonymous said...

our family just got a wii a year ago and worked fine until one day we turned on the tv..then the wii and there is no picture or sound. the wii power light turns on but there is nothing. i have tried everything but taking it apart and/or taking it to a repair shop.

Anonymous said...

thanx sneah ur way wrkd

KikyoTheHedgehog said...

I am trying to getinto my youtube account on the Wii, and when I try to log in, it says that my browser's cookies function has been disabled. How do I turn itback on?

Also, my mom got me a 8GB Scandisc SD Card for my Wii. The card reads on the computer, PSP, both of my DSi's... But noton my Wii. How do I fix this?

I'd appreciate the help! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my 2 year old put a second disc in wii and now won't work. both discs are out, can see screen though won't play disc. Any ideas with what I'll need to do to fix wii would be much appreciated please or if not fixable how to save data so my son doesn't lose his history, we have not saved anything from the wii before. Thank you,

Pauline Clark said...

Today I turned on my WII and went through all the normal screens,
but the wii-mote cursor does'nt show up..
The home button, as well as the + and -, and power buttons work fine,
but the cursor does not.
I've never had this problem before,
so im not sure what im supposed to do..

I have already unplugged the wii,
Pressed the sync button on the wii-mote [both of them..],
Replaced batteries in both wii motes and the sensor bar, and i did a soft reset

Unknown said...

My wii comes green light comes on like there's power it sounds like its running but there's no picture or sound on the tv. It was working fine no issues at all. Disconnected it took it into another room hooked it up and nothing took it back to the original room and tv still nothing. Any idea what that issue maybe? Thanks

Shashi Ranjan said...

Thanks for sharing this valuable information to our vision. You have posted a trust worthy blog keep sharing.

Freya Pattemore said...

I put in a wii sports disc and when I clicked on it it came up with an error, it said to eject the disc and turn it off, but whatever I pressed it didn't respond, so I unplugged it, and plugged it back in and now it's not turning back on

Freya Pattemore said...

Help! I inserted the wii sports game to my Wii, I clicked on I and it came up with an erro, it told me to eject the disc then turn the console off, but the console wasn't responding to my clicks so I unplugged it and plugged it back in and now it is not turning back on :(

socradamus said...

My Wii connected to everything but here is a strange problem.

I can hear the audio and all the UI from Remotes but I cant see anything from TV.

I checked the sensor, rebooted and did everything a novice would do.

Can anyone guide me. If there is a 3rd party Repair shop whom I can contact in Bangalore India, it would be a great help

Unknown said...

Hello my kids was playing the Wii and fighting over remote and now when you turn it on it goes straight to the system menu do I get it to go to the regular screen with all the games and channels. I don't have WiFi or a memory card.

Unknown said...

Hello my kids was playing the Wii and fighting over remote and now when you turn it on it goes straight to the system menu do I get it to go to the regular screen with all the games and channels. I don't have WiFi or a memory card.