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Monday, February 11, 2008

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster Tips & 100,000 Point Target

Sunday was the last day that our season passes for the Disneyland Resorts were valid. Of course that meant we had to spend the day at the park, since we usually only get passes every other year. Not to mention some of the price hikes that Disneyland season passes and blackout passes have seen.

Get a million points and on the high score board for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters at Disneyland
In terms of favorite rides, one that has to be up there for me is the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride. Probably because it is part video game, part lazer tag -- it really appeals to me. I always make sure I get on the ride at least twice, where my goal is to end up in the top 10 on the scoreboard for the day.

While I have gotten some high scores before -- the highest being above at 1.6 million -- I did not know that there is a secret target that is worth 100,000 points ever time you hit it. However, while in line to get into the park in the morning -- we overheard someone discussing the ride and giving a couple of tips.

To our surprise, we learned that there is a hidden target that is worth 100,000 points every time you hit it. That's a great way to get on the scoreboard and get in that elusive million point range.

Where is that target? Well, the secret target is on Zurg's chest. (see the picture below) There is a little black circle in the middle of his chest where the arrow is pointing. If your Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster shoots into that hole, you will get 100,000 points -- and you can hit it many times in a row. Note, that unlike other targets there is no "Z" around it, thus making it hidden.
Zurg's chest with the hidden 100,000 point target on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
What happened on my first try? Well, not a very good game for me compared with my 1.6M point race -- but I did hit the secret target on Zurg's chest twice while in quick passing for 200,000 points. The rest of the game was not so great -- although I did end up on the scoreboard! I found out that the tip for the hidden 100,000 point target really worked!
My first time hitting the 100,000 point target on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
Interested in how the scoring works on the ride?
Regular Targets (Multiple Hits Allowed)
Circle - 100
Square - 1,000
Diamond - 5,000
Triangle - 10,000

Also, you very often have to hit a circle target to get a higher value target to "pop-up".

Lighted targets (The first person to hit gets bonus points, after that goes back to regular scoring)
Circle - 500
Square - 5,000
Diamond - 10,000
Triangle 100,000

The bottom line and other tips and straties? You should target only Triangles and you will come out with the highest possible score. Do not waste you time on the circles or squares! Also, not that if you hit a million points, your score will set itself to 999,999. While it will not show additional hits, you are still accumulating points. Good luck and make that scoreboard!

Do you know of any other hidden target or Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster tips that I missed? Let me know.


Dominic and Kimberly said...

Nice work. Ashley pretty well too.

Dominic and Kimberly said...

That should say Ashley did pretty well too. =)

Anonymous said...

100,000 point target is actually 50,000.


Ken Hanscom said...

Are you sure? When I nailed it -- 100k points for me.

Anonymous said...

On the ceiling of the black walled tunnel there are also secret targets worth 100K.

Ken Hanscom said...

The ones on the ceiling are hidden, but they are not worth 100,000 points. Rather, they are standard diamond values. However, you might as well hit them as many times as possible. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ken, I only get 50,000 on the Zurg shot. Maybe he likes you :-).

Ken Hanscom said...

It is possible that Disneyland changes the score system from time-to-time. I have see the target worth 100k in the past and have people report both 50,000 and 100,000 point values for the target. Maybe it is also random and I was luck? :-)


Anonymous said...

Where in the tunnel are these hidden targets?

I keep reading that there are two triangles and a few diamonds on the ceiling, but after riding several times I couldn't find any.
Even after shooting random shots at the ceiling.

This is the tunnel with the injured robots that have square targets right?

Anonymous said...

I rode this ride 7 times today! We have annual passes and go to D-land at least 3 times a week. Everyone says there is Triangles in the Tunnel (right before they take your picture and right before the room of the final Zurg.) I looked for these for the past two weeks only found 4 diamonds. Zurg's chest only gave me 50K and I couldn't get and points off the 2nd Zurg Trust me I tried a lot. I got 930K and the ride didn't stop or slow down at all.

lbwelsh6 said...

The tunnel is the really dark one right before you reach zurg for the final time...Zurg is worth 50,000...Ken you probably just hit the circle 4 times to get 200,000 but i doubt you were hitting the target and watching your score at the same time. The targets in the tunnel are worth more than traditional score but i'm not sure.

Yesterday I was park leader 1) 2,899,500....1 square away from over 2.9 mil....i'll put a picture up soon

eitwrite said...

After reading the various tips before my family's trip, I hoped to better my scores and low and behold after a few tries to locate all the targets I succeded in being # 1 ranger of the day with 3,491,700 points ! It was awesome. I was spent when the ride was over. It was really cool seeing my picture up on the screen as top scorer of the day and having complete stranger congradulate me. It was also cool knowing that the score would most likely not get beat since tha park closed ten minutes later. I treid to attatch a picture but don't know how. Any hints? Anyway, thanx for the tips, it was a Blast ! ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah I know how you feel eitwrite. It was awesome when I scored 4.1 million points.

Anonymous said...

hahhaha eitwrite... that anon guy wiht 4.1 mil OWNED YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

#1 rule here when posting scores..."Picture, or it didn't happen."

Anonymous said...

the second zurg in the ride also has the secret target.

lbwelsh6 said...

Here is that 2.8 mil score and also today i did 1.8 mil not very high scores today.

Anonymous said...

I have known about the chest targets for years...but I've never broke a million. Seems like there must be other secrets to get to 4 million in addition to just a fast trigger finger!!!