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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Converting AdWords to use my Google Account

Today when I logged in to check on my AdWords traffic from the past few days, I was prompted with a welcomed surprise. Finally, I could use my Google Account now with the Google AdWords service. This was something I had been waiting to use for almost a year instead of having two separate Google passwords.

I went through the process, but it was not perfect!
Logging into AdWords with your Google Account instead of your AdWords account
I have had my AdSense account since before the integration was started, in effect creating two separate logins wiht different passwords and different password requirements. Honestly, a big pain until now.

First, upon logging in -- I was prompted for the opportunity to convert my current Google AdWords login to a Google Accounts login. I jumped at the chance and walked through the wizard. One of the options, which was important to me is that I am not the only person using my AdWords account. Therefore it would allow me to setup multiple Google acocunts with the appropriate permissions. I walked through the rest of the wizard and effectively assigned my AdWords account to my Google Acocunt which hosts my other services like GMAIL, Picasa, Blogger, Google Analytics, and more.

Just as promised, I was taken to the login screen and I was able to login using my Google Account instead of my AdSense account -- great news. The only problem? I was never prompted or allowed to give other accounts access to my AdWords account -- a big problem. After a little investigation, I could not find anything under account access or any other configurations for Google AdWords. It appears to be missing from the options.

For most people it is probably not a big deal. However, where I had previously been willing to have a shared account for Google AdWords with one login, I am not for my entire Google Account. This presents a little predicament until it gets resolved.

Google AdWords, how about it? Have you had a better or different experience that is working for you? Has Google already fixed it? Let me know with a comment.