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Friday, February 22, 2008

No Food in the Red Carpet Club!

We made it to the airport without a hitch – sailed through airport security and, and ended up at the United Red Carpet Club while we were waiting for a 4:49pm flight to London from Los Angeles. But, there was no food in United’s Red Carpet Club and truth be told -- I really was not surprised, as I had read the reviews on the Flyer Talk forums. I kind of knew what to expect.

Well, there was a couple of snacks, some chips, the airplane pretzel, and a little bit of fruit. But, nothing of substance that could tie you over for three hours like I had found in the Lufthansa lounges previously. Not even any food that you could order.

Since Ashley and I were a little hungry, I ran down to the McDonalds here in Terminal 7 to grab a snack and went back into the club. I walked back down, entered and took a seat. While Ashley and I were eating our McDonald’s snack, an agent came up to us and stated “no outside food in the Red Carpet Club”. I responded with, are you serious – there is no food here. My response was – one more bite and then you need to go outside.

So Ashley and I traded off really quickly eating outside and coming back into the club.

Wow. I just did not get it. I completely understand if there was a food offering inside the Red Carpet Club and we could order meals. Outside food would take away from any income that they might have. But since there was no food at all inside the club, it puzzled me why the agent was so adamant about the fact that no outside food was allow.

Can anyone help me explain this?

Craziness. Leave it to LAX and United to have a policy that makes absolutely no sense. I have never had this issue with Lufthansa or in any other airline lounges -- they either offer actual food or allow outside food in.

Note: Even if you are not a member of the Red Carpet Club, you can visit anytime you have a business or first class flight on United Airlines that travels internationally.


Anonymous said...

Not that this will satisfy you but, it is a cleaning issue. Yeah, I know it doesn't make total sense but that is the company's logic.

Ken Hanscom said...

That is pretty interesting, I must admit.

One thing is that over the last 8 months or so, the amount of snacks available has really improved.

In fact, the last time I visited just a week can now order food at the bar there so you can get something to eat!