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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dead Pixel Found on my Rebel XTi 400D's CCD - Argh!

Crud. I was just starting to like my new Canon Rebel EOS XTi 400D. Really like in. In fact, I had just received my new lens -- the EF 50mm f/1.8 II, widely considered one of the better pieces of glass out there. Especially considering the $70 price. Hard to beat.

I was tinkering around with the camera and taking a few shots for my Chocolate Lab Luey. It was the first time I was shooting in RAW mode -- RAW+L to be exact. I had just snapped about 20 photos and then I saw it.

Buried somewhere in Luey's dark leg was a bright green pixel. I was not sure at first what it was, but it ruined a pretty good picture.
Full Shot Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D with dead pixel
After staring at it for another minute our two, I zoomed in and found the devil located at 2504x1696. Here is what it looks like, at 500% magnification.
Zoomed to 500% magnification Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D with dead pixel
Very quickly I had an idea on what this was. I rushed through the images that I had taken over the weekend and while it was not apparent in the backgrounds I was shooting. I had to look very closely and there it was at X position 2504 and Y position 1696 -- there was either a green pixel or a white (blank) pixel. In every single picture I had taken, regardless of lighting or exposure length -- always in the same place.

Unfortunately, I had seen this devil before on my Sony PSP -- and I knew what this was. It was a dead or burnt out pixel in the Rebel XTi's CCD. Bummer. Basically, I knew at that point the Canon camera needed to be replaced, repaired, returned, or something. Just to verify with Canon, I called their support number and they verified what I was seeing was indeed a burnt out pixel in the CCD. They confirmed and gave me two options -- send it to a service center or exchange it.

Given I made the purchase at Staples, exchanging it was the best option. Fortunately, the representative when I called Staples was easy to deal with. Looks like I will get my new Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D on Wednesday. I am looking forward to it even more, especially with that new EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. Even the poor lighting photos came out well -- say that one green pixel in Luey's leg.

This is actually the first quality problem that I have encountered on the 10 or so Canon camera I have owned. While disappointing, I wanted to see if this was a more common issue -- Google did not turn up much. That's why I'm posting. :-)

At least I was fortunate that I caught this issue right away. A few more days and the camera may have been off to the service center for weeks.

Other terms for pixels: bad pixel, blank pixel, dead pixel, stuck pixel, missing pixel, sensor pixel, CMOS pixel, CCD pixel, green pixel, red pixel, blue pixel.


Anonymous said...

People like you make it worth my while to buy "factory returns" :)
hopefully i soon find a nice Rebel XTi for $100 , but i can understand your wanting it fixed after paying full retail.

The photo's taken with the "bad" camera are very easily fixed with any paint shop or photoshop program using the clone feature, might even be able to use Microsoft paint and copy the color of the pixel next to it and then color the bad one in.

nice photo by the way.


Ken Hanscom said...

To each their own, which is great! For me, (while I paid way below retail, more here) with the several thousand pictures I take a year, it is not worth my time to go ahead and edit each one. However, you are correct -- you can take care of it in Photoshop, or in many cases by just resizing the image and the pixels blend together.

In the end of the day, I am glad to return it -- while I can. :-)

Anonymous said...

You simply can not trust Canon anymore. Been dealing with their assembly issues on an XTi. After sending it in for service, it came back looking like this and they wanted me to send it back 'for more service'.

After I got them to replace it, the supposed new camera showed up (refurbished) with dead pixels and you can tell the screws have been removed as you can see silver on them and the whole unit seems a bit shifted with some rough plastic edges that are nto on any other XTi's I have seen.

Let's see if this new new oned is really new. All this and i'm even working with the office of the president since we have media reach and still getting the run around and been without a camera for a month.

Be warey of all new Canon stuff. It's not like our old G2's and other well built Canon stuff combined with a company that seems shadier than ever, might be time to look to a new company in the future, maybe pentax?

Ken Hanscom said...

Yes, it is sad to hear about the quality from Canon. Fortunately for me (with about 1500 pictures on my new XTi), it has be reliable and durable. I am hoping the build will hold up without problems like yours.

Sorry to hear about your issues. Also, I posted a follow-up on possible ways to correct the dead pixels here: