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Saturday, February 09, 2008

How to Restore Backups to Your Motorola V3 RAZR Phone

I have had a few request for this guide on how to restore your Motorola RAZR V3 phone from a backup. It is a much needed guide, and one that it took me a little while to put together. Why is it needed? As we all know, when you modify your RAZR phone, it is part science -- part experiment. Sometimes, with just a simple mistake or incorrect tweak, you can disable your phone and make render it useless.

In fact, I accidently did it just over a month ago -- disabled my phone when I was messing with a seem on my RAZR.

The reality is that you should always 1) have a good backup of you Motorola phone (guide here) and 2) know how to restore it if you are going to mess with the settings and files on it. If you do not, you are taking a big risk in ending up with a bricked phone, and possibly paying for the carrier to reload software on it.

So, without further warning, here is the basic how-to guide on restoring your phone from a backup. This guide assumes that you have drivers installed to connect your RAZR V3 to your computer. If you do not, you can go here to find out more.

1. If you do not already, get a copy of Flash&Backup, a great shareware software that you can use to create and restore backups as well as flash your phone. The initial download is good for 30 days, and there are older, less functional versions out there that are freeware.

2. Choose your phone (Motorola V3) from the drop down list and locate the backup file you created previously. For this example, I selected a SBF (Single Binary File) that contained my backup information that I just re-created today. Make sure that all of the files are selected by clicking on the "Select all" checkbox. This tool supports more than just the RAZR V3, for a complete list, please see the bottom of this post.
Restore Motorola V3 RAZR phone settings and information from backup 1
3. Put you phone into the bootloader mode. If you do not know how to, go here to see the guide.

4. Your phone will show connected to the Flash&Backup program. Now click on the write data button to start the restoration of your backup file.
Restore Motorola V3 RAZR phone settings and information from backup 2
5. The tool immediately deletes all the data on your phone before starting the restore process.
Restore Motorola V3 RAZR phone settings and information from backup 3
6. The restore process takes approximately 3 minutes to complete to restore all of the files and settings to your Motorola V3.
Restore Motorola V3 RAZR phone settings and information from backup 4
7. The restore process completes, and automatically restarts your phone.
Restore Motorola V3 RAZR phone settings and information from backup 5
8. Your phone is now restored to the previous state and you are free to use it as you needed. Congratulations, you did it.

This program and guide is also compatible with the following phones:
Motorola C380, Motorola C381P, Motorola C390, Motorola C650, Motorola E1 ROKR, Motorola E1000, Motorola E1070, Motorola E375, Motorola E398, Motorola E770v, Motorola K1 KRZR, Motorola K3, Motorola L2, Motorola L6, Motorola L7 SLVR, Motorola L7e, Motorola U6 PEBL, Motorola V180, Motorola V186, Motorola V188, Motorola V220, Motorola V235, Motorola V3, Motorola V300, Motorola V360, Motorola V3i, Motorola V3r, Motorola V3re, Motorola V3t, Motorola V3x, Motorola V3xx, Motorola V400, Motorola V500, Motorola V547, Motorola V6 MAXX, Motorola V600, Motorola V620, Motorola V635, Motorola V980, Motorola Z3 RIZR


anand said...

Dear Ken, will the back-up/restore work from 1 phone to another? I have a V3 and recently got myself a V3i. I need my SMS's in my v3 to be transferred to my new v3i 'as it is'. The v3 stores all messages in the phone memory and I don't see any other option to tranfer SMS to my v3i.
Was hoping the restore and back-up method would be able to help.

abdullah said...

Dear Ken

My V3 phone got useless while ringtone transferring.I didn't keep backup. what will I do now? will it work if I restore from anaother phone's backup?

Please help me...

Ken Hanscom said...

anand - SMS messages are really hard to port around unless you have Mobile Phone Tools. While Motorola has recently been charging $50 for the software, you can now get it on for less than $5.

Click here Motorola Phone Tools for less than $5


Ken Hanscom said...

abdullah - a backup from another V3 (same carrier, version) should work to get the software back on yours.

Having the phone go useless during a ringtone transfer is a pretty odd occurrence. I think that is the first time I have heard of it.

Good luck.


abdullah said...

Dear Ken

I tried to flash my V3 with Reflash file and also Monster Pack by MultiFlashFlex program, but flash failed and result box showed:

"Line: 3780
ERROR: Phone[0000]: ***Error*** Unable to connect to the Subscriber Unit. Unable to get string descriptors.
File: Y:\test_dev_usb\flash\code\flashdll\PST_FP_FlashThread.cpp[/B]"

When I go to bootloader screen, it shows:

"Boot Loader
SW Version:

OK to Program
Connect USB
Data Cable"

It can now only be switched on and off, but no sound and no image and also no button works, only battery and network bar seen. I'm afraid that some of it's files have been deleted.

What should I do now?
Please help me...