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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Great Case for the Rebel XTi - the Canon 200EG Photo Backpack

As I continue to purchase a few accessories for my Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D digital camera I will share what I buy and how it works for me. My latest purchase before our recent trip to Europe was a great digital camera carrying case. Actually, I ended up with the Canon Deluxe Photo Back Pack 200EG and I could not be any happier with it!

Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras
Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras

It is first important to note why I choose a backpack setup with the Canon 200EG for my Rebel XTi. I have never been a fan of over the shoulder bags, smaller cases, or hip type packs for cameras. I really like backpacks because the enable you to have your hands free, distribute the weight and they can carry a lot of stuff. For that reason I searched for a good backpack.

In the beginning, I had no idea that Canon made any backpack carrying cases for their cameras until I came across this one. At first, the $69.99 price scared me away before I checked Amazon's $36.97 with free shipping and no sales tax made the decision a no-brainer, a serious no brainer.

The backpack is great -- it fits everything I could possibly need. The Rebel XTi, a couple of extra lenses, the Canon Powershot G7, and the Canon Powershot SD800IS. All with plenty of room for mini-tripods, extra memory, batteries, and chargers. And withing a fairly small package. There are even straps on the outside so you can attach a camera tripod to the case.

Here is how I had the Canon 200EG backpack for our recent trip to Europe:
My configuration of the Canon 200EG Photo Backpack with my Rebel XTi

As you can see, I could fit everything in there, plus there was still a ton of room to carry additional items around while we traveled. Since I returned, I just store all my equipment in the backpack so that anytime I need any cameras, I just grab the Canon 200EG backpack and I am ready to go.

As far as downsides on the backpack? Only a couple:

1. The Canon logo on the back does not remove very easily. While I appreciate that Canon makes the product, I really do not like advertising that there is potentially "expensive" equipment on my back -- possibly making me a target.

2. Canon should have included a few more velcro straps. I will be buying some additional strips at Staples, but it would have been nice to have one for each compartment, to make it easier to secure the equipment without needing to carry the boxes as protective material.

If you need a carrying case for your Canon EOS camera -- you should just buy the Canon 200EG Photo Backpack, especially if you can get it at the Amazon price. It is a great value.